Saturday, January 24, 2009

Looking ahead to the 2010 elections in Prince George's County

During the 2006 election season I used my PG-Politics blog and the PG-Politics and PrinceGeorges_Discussion mailing lists to get out information about candidates for many of the elective offices in Prince George's County.  I tried to cover all the candidates for the Prince George's Board of Education and a subset of the candidates for council and legislative seats.

Generally speaking, I focused on non-Democrats and on Democratic challengers to incumbents (especially in the majority of races that had no Republican candidates). I contacted all those candidates for whom I could find addresses and offered to post links to campaign pages, press releases, and notices of campaign events.  I did not attempt to gather information from incumbents, but posted anything they sent me that was timely.

Looking ahead to 2010, I'll probably try to do something similar (at least on my blog and the PG-Politics list), but not in exactly the same way.  I expect to actively seek out Republican, Libertarian, and other non-Democratic candidates, as well as Democrats planning to mount primary challenges to incumbents or running in contests without an incumbent.  My reach may be somewhat less than it was in 2006 since I can no longer post directly to the PrinceGeorges_Discussion list.  On the other hand, I expect to be home in 2010 and able to attend at least some campaign events, unlike 2006 when a family emergency kept me away from home from mid-June on.

I know it may seem a bit early for this, but I am interested in receiving any information from or about the plans of potential Prince George's County candidates, especially Republicans or third-party candidates, and encourage readers to pass this information or my e-mail address on to those potential candidates.  

In recent years, the Prince George's County Republican Party has done poorly in both fielding and supporting candidates.  The county GOP web site has not identified all local candidates in the past.  It currently does not even identify the members (other than the chair) of the county Republican Central Committee.  We cannot do anything to change the current 100% one-party Democratic rule in Prince George's County, with its high crime rates and lousy schools, if we sit by and watch the Prince George's County and Maryland State Republican parties wait silently, making little or no effort to field candidates, and then effectively concede ALL races to the Democrats.  That will just continue the current complete lack of Republican or conservative voices in Upper Marlboro or representing Prince Georgians in Annapolis,



Daniel said...

Just to add to the confusion, remember that in 2010 there is a question to be found on the ballot asking if the voter wants to have a Constitutional Convention.

If you, or anyone else, needs to check on it click on over to MDCONVENTION.ORG.

Anonymous said...

Why ask if the rest of Maryland cares about the situation in PG County? I don't...I live in AACo. Violance, poor schools, low quality of life, idiots that continue to get elected by a stupid electorite. The rest of Maryland could care less. I go out of my way to stay out of PG and Baltimore City. Let them figure out that their politicians are out for only themselves. (Currie, Johnson, Exum, M. Miller, etc.) Power hungry, sleazy operators... Keep killing yourselves, PG. The majority of the rest of us don't care!

Mark Newgent said...

DC definitely look into Ron Miller who will be opposing Mike Miller.

D. C. Russell said...

Mark: I'm in touch with Ron.

Anonymous: It seems fairly clear that the state party has written off PG County, even though some of us have continued to support GOP candidates throughout the state. I hope that most of the AA Red Maryland bloggers don't share your shortsighted views.