Friday, January 30, 2009

Its Steele!

Michael Steele is the new RNC chair, more on this to come.


Anonymous said...

Congrats Mr. Steele! Here is my effort for our party:

Dear Senator Mikulski:

I don't understand how you could support this stimulus plan. It seems to be in conflict with your ongoing efforts in health care. Could you please explain to me how lumping all of the following items (and others I may not be aware of) hastily into this $1 trillion plus spending and entitlement plan furthers "Improving Quality Health Care In America" in which you are the Senate Chair:

* $400 million for HIV and chlamydia testing [as Dean of the Senate Women and member of HELP, how does this follow your parity and education efforts for women's health unless there is an outbreak the public needs to be aware of?

* $75 million for smoking cessation [but aren't you paying for S-CHIP through cigarette taxes?]

* Open Medicaid to all unemployed with NO income test [it didn't seem from your committee meeting our health care system was ready to meet this increase in demand or was your impression different?]

* Mandatory COBRA for age 55 and over till age 62 and eligible for Medicare with federal government footing 65% of bill [are you for socialized medicine or individual credits for insurance choice?]

How does this not negate your stated goal "to make sure we do better" to "give Americans the quality care they need and deserve" when this bill freely gives money and opens enrollment with no discussion of reform?

I look forward to your reply and hope to see some kind of discussion posted to your web site. Your constituents would like to feel we are part of the process as President Obama promised as we have ushered in change in politics as usual in Washington. Thank you.

Robin Bayne said...

Yes, congrats to Mr Steele!