Wednesday, January 28, 2009

For the record

Frank Kratovil and ten other Democrats joined the House Republicans in voting against the stimu…debt and deficit bill.

I’ve already expressed my dim view of his initial votes however, to be fair he did right thing voting against this monstrosity.


Anonymous said...

This isn't Congressman Kratovil's first vote against the Majority, he is showing himself to be exactly what he campaigned as... An independent voice. You cant expect to agree with every vote your congressman makes, you should hope that they use their best judgement which Frank is proving he plans to do which is more than most of the 111th does both parties included. I'm proud to have voted for him and look for great things from him in the future... If he continues representing cd1 in this fashion, I think this district will be his to represent as long as he wants regardless of who tries to unseat him.

Anonymous said...

Frank knew he had to vote against it for obvious reasons. Pelosi and Hoyer gave him the okay since they knew the bill was going to easily pass in the House. If the vote was close he would have voted yes.

Greg Kline said...

Mr. A 8:17 is dead right. He got a pass, like other Blue Dogs, to vote against this.

Rep. Kratovil will have many other votes to make that will show us his true nature and let's see when push comes to shove.

Anonymous said...

so kratovil voted his district and you are critical?

Who cares about intent. The bottom line is Kratovil voted the district. And as long as Hoyer, his godfather is majority leader, he will continue to be able to do whatever he wants when it comes to his votes.

regardless, looking forward to the Harris ads creaming Kratovil for putting his district ahead of his party.