Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Looks like only 80 members of the House of Delegates showed up for work today.

What are surprise that 61 Delegates are completely ignoring the people's business....



Anonymous said...

And they were there for less than 10 minutes!!!

Chester Peake said...

Maybe they are on "Furlough" to save the state some money?

It also seems most committees didn't have any hearings scheduled today, I wonder what else they felt they had to do today? There was just this...
ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ARTICLE REVIEW COMMITTE at 5:00 P.M. I guess that is the big thing they will all be attending. What? You say there is some sort of celebration going on in Washington? Hmm... I didn't get the memo.

Quick, Republicans pass some good bills while the Dems play in DC.
Too late, it seems they were in session less than 10 minutes.

ced said...

so its business as usual none of them take their jobs serious