Sunday, December 21, 2008

Stay Classy Maria Allwine

If ever someone owned a surname that best described the shrieking harpies of the left it is Maria Allwine. She is a staple of Baltimore’s fringe left and progressive ne’er-do-well, second only perhaps to A. Robert Kaufmann. Any time an injustice occurs (real of perceived) you’ll find Allwine unleashing her frothy spittle-flecked rage. See her John Reed impersonation here.

In addition to her loopy policy prescriptions, Allwine is a prolific letter writer and commenter to the Baltimore Sun. See for instance, her response to my Sun oped about conservative talk radio. She claims to reveal the darkness of the conservative heart, and its evil campaign against her all good things progressivism. To Allwine nearly all conservative talk radio is, “designed to make you hate people who are different from you.”

Take a moment to let her inanity hang there for a moment before reading on.

However, her December 16, 2008 letter takes the cake.

Thank you, Muntadar al-Zeidi, for doing what so many of us have dreamed of doing over these last eight years but have never had the chance to do. President Bush deserves neither respect nor gratitude for his destruction of an entire country and its culture.Mr. Bush refuses to acknowledge his responsibility for the thousands of Iraqi civilian deaths and millions of refugees his invasion of Iraq has caused, and he will most likely never be held accountable for his crimes against humanity, Iraq and his own country. I only wish the shoes had hit him.

Maria Allwine, Baltimore

What was that about hating people different from you...

I’m not a proponent of the infinite monkey theorem, but it wouldn’t take a million monkeys banging away at typewriters more than an hour to produce an Allwine letter to the Sun.

Then again for Allwine, the Bush years were the “blurst of times.”


Daniel said...

After all this time, I thought she was "all whine."

Anonymous said...

I've known Maria Allwine for several years, and I've never seen her spew spittle at anything. About the most upset I've seen her was when she was an official, filed candidate for Baltimore City Council and the organizers of a community association-sponsored debate wouldn't let her take place. It took a little disruption to finally get her admitted, but she debated issues with the other candidates calmly afterward.

I guess we all have our differences and I won't try to debate you on those. But my question is, if someone holds an opinion (particularly a liberal one) and wants to talk about it, what are they supposed to do? If you bring like-wise people together and speak to them, you are a "shrieking harpie". If you express liberal ideas to the readership of a liberal newspaper like the Sun, you have committed
"inanity". Maria Allwine has done everything, both "loopy" and completely serious. She has gotten herself arrested protesting and run for office, the most conservative possible way to respond to a situation you want changed. All of this is apparently no better than monkeys typing.

So I'm asking, what are the approved methods of communication for someone who happens to disagree with you?

streiff said...

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