Monday, November 24, 2008

Michael Steele is Everywhere

We all know Michael Steele is campaigning hard for the RNC Chair, and that he is putting in appearances all over the media landscape. However, I was surprised to see our former Lt. Governor show up on Redskins TE, Chris Cooley’s blog. Mercifully, Steele shows up about 22 seconds into the video…the Super Bowl Shuffle it aint.


Anonymous said...

What has GOPAC accomplished since Michael Steele has taken over as chairman. When one looks at the website it looks like Steele Inc... GOPAC seems dedicated completely to branding and promoting Steele.
How much of the substantial amount they raised actually benefited any Republicans. From what I can tell they raised in excess of $8 Million and donated less than $100,000. GOPAC has spent more than $100K on Steele's limo bills!!

Also, is Steele using his Maryland LtGov campaign fund to pay for his campaign for chair of the RNC? If so, how much to date?

What consultants is he employing for this RNC pursuit? I submit it is probably the same ones who he used in his Senate campaign...and they not only advised the Republican Senate Campaign Committee during the 2006 Debacle but also advised Elizabeth Dole and a pltehora of other losers.

I suggest that the Republican party needs a tactician and not a Spokesmodel. Mr Steele has never missed an opportunity to promote himself and any organization he has been affiliated with were simply vehicles (see GOPAC).

Just a few thoughts....thank you for your time.

Randy Sears

streiff said...

for "Jessica McCoke":

That's not what your mom was saying last night.