Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Delegate Kipke to Fight Voter Fraud

Given the fact that Maryland voters just approved the silly concept of early voting, I am proud to say that my Delegate and my friend Nic Kipke is going to fight the issue here in Anne Arundel County, with this information that we're breaking here and at

Today, with just over one month until Maryland’s next legislative session, Delegate Nic Kipke (R-Pasadena, Md.) officially requested a bill that will require a major election law change in Anne Arundel County. The legislation will require all Anne Arundel County voters to present photo identification to be eligible to vote. “I personally have always had an issue with the fact that photo identification is not required to vote in Maryland. After this last election, I heard from many county residents that they share the same concern. It seems to me that no matter where you stand politically, everyone wants to ensure that the integrity of our elections are not undermined by fraudulent activity,” said Delegate Nic Kipke.

While this policy would break new ground in Maryland, the concept is not new to most of the United States. In fact, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures, seven states require photo identification to vote and twenty-four states require other forms of identification.
Read the whole thing here.

I am glad that Nic is taking this step forward and trying to bring some rational common sense to the issue of voter verification and identification. It is ridiculous that it takes more identification and more effort to buy groceries with a credit card than it does to vote! And I hope that we are able to put some of our local Democrats on the spot on this issue. Since this is a local bill, our Anne Arundel County Delegation is going to have to take a stand on this; it puts some of our local "conservative" Democrats on the spot. It's going to make them have to choose between their constituents and their party.

We'll be watching.



Anonymous said...

As a former book judge, I understand exactly what your saying. I would like, however, to relate a story that might shed light on the "innocent" flip side of this approach.

I have a friend who is 95 years old and every bit as competent as you and I. He is retired from a very respectable career and is well educated. He has no children and lives in assisted living. His hearing and vision are basically fine and he moves around on his own. He gave up his license about 8 years ago. All of his needs are met at the home where he lives, so he really doesn't need to go out. His wife died recently, and he had to have a state issued photo id to deal with the transfer of certain of her assets.

He had not had such identification in 8 years. In order to get it, he had to find a birth certificate and produce items evidencing his residence. (Alternatively, if your last license was a Maryland license, they might still have you in their records.) Do you have your birth certificate handy? You might, but if you were 95 and moved several times downsizing into an assisted living facility, you might not. Then, he had to rely upon the kindness of a non-family member to drive him to the MVA and sit with him through the whole process. We planned for 2 weeks, collecting the paperwork and arranging our schedules to complete the task.

I offer this only as an example that there are legitimate reasons why someone might not have ID, and might not get enough advance warning to know that they will need it next time they vote.

There are plenty of people out there who don't drive, and I think those of us who live "normal" driving lives sometimes don't realize this.

Somewhat related: What is their proposal with respect to absentee ballots? Are they going to require photo id in order to get an absentee ballot?

Personally, I think many more people should be taking a turn working on election day as a poll worker so that they have a much better understanding of what can and does happen at the polling sites.

bud said...

Delegate Kipke is smart enough to know he'll need to solicit the help of some of Anne Arundel's conservative democrats in order to make any headway on this issue. If anyone has a chance of doing that, it's Delegate Kipke.

Daniel said...

I hope it works.

Good luck, Nic.

Nigel Brimstone said...

Anne Arundel republicans are impotent wankers.

Greg Kline said...

Delegate Kipke is smart enough to know he needs their support, Bud, but will he get it? Brian is right. How can a John Astle or Ed DeGrange or even a Ted Sophocles (sp?) support a voter id law in AA county and not support it statewide? Will the Speaker nix this idea so that other localities don't get similiar ideas after recognizing the dems will never allow such a law statewide?

bud said...


I would venture to guess that Kipke has probably already solicited their help. Unlike people like Don Dwyer and your buddy Tony McConkey, Kipke realizes that he needs to work behind the scenes and not "in your face".

Greg Kline said...


I guess we will see. Delegate Kipke's skills aside, there is no way in hell the Democrats are going to allow localities to impose a voter id law they would never allow statewide.

Mark my words, this will be a perfect example of how "conservative" democrats earn those quotation marks.