Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Vote Fraud Squad

Yeah, we know. There is no such thing as vote fraud. There are only evil Republicans depriving the underprivelged of their sacred franchise by demanding that they actually be eligible to vote.

Visit the Voter Integrity Project's Vote Fraud Squad.


Daniel said...

I read that blog article a short time before finding it here as well.

After reading the whole thing, to me - it just cries out for all states and territories to demand proper ID every time all the time.

And that might not be the final solution, but it is a start.

Thomas Powell said...

What did Our Founding Fathers have to say about this matter ?

AnotherWatcher said...

Why can't we be made to renew our voter registration every time we renew our drivers licenses? It MUST be done at a government office, no crack heads and felons on the streets.
If you can't make an effort to renew your voter card, you must not think voting is that damn important.

Daniel said...

Fair point, AW.

I'd be willing to bet that we would have long lines of applicants/registrants for voting just like we do for driver licenses.