Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Thugs of Parade

What we're getting a foreshadowing of in the final days of this election is what we can expect to be federal policy in an Obama Administration. Any criticism will be out of bounds, and as has been on parade at FSP criticism of Obama=Racism. This is nothing more or less than an attempt by the left to do to political speech what it has already done to campus speech.

Mark Newgent points out general examples of the mob violence that seems to go as naturally with the Obama campaign as the Saying of Chairman Mao. I'd even add to the list the incident in Galax, Virginia where Obama supporters apparently heard Obama's commandment to "get in their face" as "spray them with Mace."

More disturbing is the propensity of the Obama campaign to try to pervert the judicial process into a campaign tool in a style much more reminiscent of a banana republic than one would expect in the United States. Glenn Reynolds has a pretty good round up.

This has been accentuated by what seems to be a blatant violation of the Drivers Privacy Protection Act on the part of Ohio Job and Family Services Director Helen Jones-Kelley (maxed out as a donor to Obama) in launching an investigation in whether or not Joe Wurzelbacher, who had the temerity to challenge The One in public, owed child support.

What is clear is that despite the howls of impending fascism by the left over the past eight years Isaac Smith is not in Guantanamo Bay. His personal records have not been divulged by Bush supporters. He is free to call anyone he pleases as racist. In short, the claims of a reduction of civil liberties under the Bush Administration are like so many other calumnies hurled by the left (like the "Kill him" lie that Smith still energetically flogs) utter hogwash.

On the other hand we see that the Obama campaign and his supporters actively employ violence, threats by law enforcement officials, demand letters by lawyers, and the disclosure of personal, and under law confidential, information to shut down their opponents. This is while they are out of power.


Anonymous said...

God this is sad...I posted this in response to the post below but I guess I'll repeat myself -
The funny thing is that this site constantly tries to make dems look bad by only pointing out election incidents in which the Dems are the bad guys while ignoring anything the GOP does wrong. Post about ACORN and post such as "Democrat election violence" (which turned out to be false), and "even more democrat election violence" are here to try to paint Democrats as cheaters and nasty campaigners.

The facts - both sides have extremist who act in unacceptable ways, the majority of activisit on both sides are good and honest people who are involved because they love their country and want to get involved in the political process to make it better.

Let's stop trying to count "points" of how many negative incidents both sides have and stick to the issues. I mean we are less then a week before the election and the big fight in the Maryland blogosphere is "republicans are meanies" against "No, democrats are meanies." Come on.

-Dr. A

streiff said...

Sad indeed.

This is not about the actions of "extremists" this is about a politcal campaign that has embraced violence and intimidation as valid tactic.

One is left wondering which is worse, that the Obama campaign has given its tacit approval to this strategy or the followers of The One have simply developed it on their own and are working independently.

Victor ( the mole) Henderson said...


there you go again with your fear-mongering racist attempts at spreading a non-existent conspiracy theory

streiff said...

what is actually racist, Victor, is accepting this type of behavior from the campaign of a black candidate when we all know that no white candidate, of either party, could survive this type of activity by his/her campaign much less the association with Rezko, Ayers, Wright, etc.

Talk about the soft bigotry of low expectations.

Wind River said...

2 arrested for hanging Obama effigy on Ky. campus

Hanging Palin is ok, hanging Obama is a hate crime. Just a sign of things to come.