Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Oh Well, Isaac Smith

Not that Streiff needs my help, but apparently Isaac Smith does. For some reason he just can't take it when his claims have been refuted by Secret Service. Then again, this is the guy who backs down from an argument anytime he actually finds himself in one. But hey Smith is a progressive, i.e., "all good things" so he's on the side of angels and never wrong.


Dominic Yermomma said...

you guys have locked out the Left and censor them --what happened , can't handle their apparent dominance ?

Obviously you have come to this battle unarmed.

Roger Ehrlich said...

Streiff needs your help!!! He has ruined this blog for us red blooded real Conservative Republicans.


Wind River said...

Someone posted that the Secret Service investigated and found no proof that anyone said "kill him". They take such things seriously. FSP is STILL running with that calling anyone who posts the SS denial as "spewing wingnut talking points".
I have come to the conclusion that site is just like Obama. Don't like what you write, they will take it off and ban you. They can't handle the truth!

Wind River said...

Over at unFREESTATE Politics, they are NOT the tolerant, inclusive, open minded "progressives" that they pretend to be. What they are is a bunch of far left KKK types who do not allow anyone not exactly like themselves in their little clubhouse. They have posted a sign "no thought allowed"
Banned AGAIN!!!!