Monday, October 27, 2008

Make every vote count... at least once

From the Indianapolis Star:

Indiana's top elections officer has asked the state attorney general's office and federal prosecutors to investigate allegations that perhaps thousands of fraudulent voter registration forms have been submitted in Lake County by an advocacy group accused of fraud in other states.

In a letter to Attorney General Steve Carter, Secretary of State Todd Rokita said Friday he had received "credible evidence" of voter fraud involving the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, or ACORN, a group that works to recruit low-income voters, who tend to lean Democratic.

It seems that everywhere this group operates it is inevitably associated with voter fraud. Just as invariably it tends to have a reliable place at the public mammary.

One of the major failings of the Bush Administration is its failure to carry a Writ of Fire and Sword to these left wing groups who have no visible means of support beyond government grants for "community organizing." After 2000 there was more than sufficient evidence apparent to if not shut these groups down to at least make their lives difficult and unprofitable.

Vote fraud is real and it is significant:

In 2001, the voter rolls in many American cities included more names than the U.S. Census listed as the total number of residents over age eighteen. Philadelphia's voter rolls, for instance, have jumped 24 percent since 1995 at the same time that the city's population has declined by 13 percent. CBS's 60 Minutes created a stir in 1999 when it found people in California using mail-in forms to register fictitious people, or pets, and then obtaining absentee ballots in their names.

One would think this would be a core idea around which both parties could agree. The idea that our voting system would not only be committed to counting votes accurately but that both parties could agree that only legal voters should have the franchise.

That day does not seem to be in sight.


Wind River said...

We need to change the voter registration system all together. We must RENEW our registration every 4 years or 8 years. We must show a verifiable ID to renew and to vote.
If voting is so damn important, why not make it as SECURE as possible. NO MORE outside ACORNS to register. You must show up at a government office IN PERSON to register and to renew. Why not?

Daniel said...

I like that.

We need a REAL ID for voting such as we need for driving.

They should be separate, but similar.

Anonymous said...

Why do the polls consistently show Obama in the lead? Are those fixed, too? Every single one of them, including Fox news? Face it--Obama is going to win more votes than McCain, by a LOT. Now, he might not win the Electoral College, but the fact is that more Americans support Obama than support McCain, and that has been consistent since the election began. It isn't voter fraud, it is simply fact. Find a reputable poll that has McCain more popular than Obama, and then you might have a legit complaint. Until then, get off your butts and work as hard as Obama and his supporters have, or quit your whining!

Daniel said...

Never hatchet your counts before they chicken.

Swamp Thing said...

I've never understand the lack of ID for voting. What is this, Bosnia? Ethiopia? Do people really not have ID?

Daniel said...

Anyone who drives has (should) have an ID.

Anyone that cashes a check, has (should) ID.

Anyone getting on a plane, has ID.

Anyone having a credit card, has ID.

Just a few examples that should account for a very high percentage of our population. Excepting some minors, of course.

Gtoz said...

I agree so much with Wind River. If we have to renew our driver's license every four years, why should we not have to renew our voting registration every so often. The act of voting is so much more important that that of driving. If one is really concerned about the political process, he should not be concerned about the "inconvenience" of registering to vote. Not only that, but so many voters don't even know what they are voting for. Check out Howard Stern, for one example.

We have to do something about the voting in this country. Not only the fraud, but the ingornace. Personaly, I believe the voting age should be raised to the drinking age (or higher), except for the fighting men and women in our military. We have much too many uninformed, uninterested, uneducated, underaged people in our society voting for candiates they know nothing about, which control all our lives.