Friday, October 17, 2008

The Importance of Roasting ACORN

It took long enough, but finally we are starting to go somewhere with the fraud being perpetrated by the folks at ACORN, with the launch of an FBI investigation on Thursday. The Examiner is suggesting using RICO on ACORN. It took a while, but finally we are moving in the right direction on this.

A lot of people on the left seem to not understand why this fraud being perpetrated by ACORN matters. But when you come down to brass tacks, the issue goes to the fundamental nature of elections in our representative government. The people of each district, the people of each state get the opportunity to vote for their representatives and government officials. One person's vote is worth no more than the vote of another. The ballot box is the ultimate equalizer in that regard.

But that equalizer only works if everybody is playing by the same set of rules. If you are registering people illegally, or registering dogs, or children, or fictional characters (all of which have been done by ACORN employees) then you are undermining the basic premise of our representative government. At the end of the day, what matters most is that the person elected to serve best represents the will of the people. When you are talking about voter fraud, the entire process gets questioned.

Don't believe it happens? Read what David Kyle has to say on the matter:

Having personally witness a car with three people going to three different polls in the 2004 election, I know it takes place. At the third polling place I went up to the Head Judge and pointed them out. Two of them saw me and frantically tried to get the third to leave the table where he was already trying to vote. Because of my challenge they made him cast a provisional ballot. There is no way of knowing how many times these people voted before being challenged. The car was registered to a person in Crofton, and there are many precincts between there and Pasadena.
And this was before Maryland Democrats jumped aboard the Early Voting Bandwagon, a mechanism that will provide even greater opportunities for perpetuating voter fraud.

Legitimate organizing groups should be encouraged to undertake legitimate voter registration drives, regardless of their political slant. The problem is that ACORN has proven time and time again to lack legitimacy in this area, particularly troubling when they are being investigated in several states, the yes they were represented by Barack Obama and received funding from his campaign.

Until we implement common sense laws such as requiring voter identification at the polling place, bad things like this are going to continue to happen. And that's why ACORN's scandalous and nefarious activities need to be exposed.



RayShawne Abdumama said...
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AnotherWatcher said...

It is not black people who we want to keep out of the WH. It is Barak Obama, the Socialist. He STILL must prove he is qualified under the US Constitution to even hold the office.

As I have been told by BOTH of my Maryland Senators, the responsibility to ASSURE American voters of the eligibility under the Constitution is in the hands of....................the DNC and the RNC for their respective candidates. Can you say fox and hen house?

Doug McReinor said...
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Daniel said...

I most definitely agree with Brian Griffiths statement where to have a level playing field - everyone plays with the same set of rules.

A person's race, beliefs, political party affiliation does not matter to me.

What is crucial is everyone follows the rules.

THose that don't need to be found out, caught and prevented from soiling our system.

AnotherWatcher said...

A Presidential candidate who does not STRONGLY denounce ACORN and the fraud they a perpetrating, must by default ENDORSE such fraud. If Obama does not come out and flat out tell his supporters to cease and desist then he is endorsing their practices and SHOULD NOT be in the WH.

Two Sentz said...

McCain has praised ACORN and their efforts. See the video:

Daniel said...

It doesn't matter, two sentz.

Not at all.

AnotherWatcher said...

two sentz, McCain hasn't paid ACORN to buy his election with $800,000.

McCain has not LIED many times about his relationship with ACORN as Obama CONTINUES to do.

McCain's website has not been scrubbed of LIES about his relationship with ACORN like Obama did this week.

Ray Marcus said...
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AnotherWatcher said...

Well, now the SCOTUS has endorsed the fraud in Ohio by siding with the Ohio Secretary of State.

Rod Longstiffy said...
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Wagner Van Dorfengof said...

This country is great and it is not the American dream that will save it, it is unity and sharing-- The New American Dream. When a black man is our president and the Old Ways are slowly helped out of their own way, we will be a country where supporting the troops does not make one patriotic ( we already support them with our taxes anyway), supporting your fellow Americans by sharing our strengths and gifts makes us Americans.

One Love

Daniel said...


The color of one's skin does make a man worthy to be our President.

His integrity, values, worth, honesty, statesmanship, cool under fire - and more - is what makes for a great president.

I don't find that in one of these candidates.

Sweet Tina Bubble Bottom said...

AnotherWatcher said...

wagner, what dreamy prose you write. What street corner did you find that mind altering drug?
Since you admit that this is a great country, please answer this question then.

What made this country great?

wagner van dorfengof said...

This country was made great by a sense of unity and culture of sharing. Those that settled on this little island we know call America, had to help one another in order to survive tough times.

We need to return to our humble routes and instead of waiting for terrorists and economic hardship to unite us, we must be united simply because the human spirit demands us to do so.

Daniel said...

Allow me to correct my previous post.

The color of one's skin does NOT make a man worthy to be our President.


Don't know how I missed that the first time.

wagner van dorfengof said...

My subliminal mind gave you the benefit of the doubt when I read your post and I read it as your correction states it.

However, Freud would say your typo tells us more about you than may care to make pubic.

I mean , public

Wind River said...

wagner van dorfengof said
"However, Freud would say your typo tells us more about you than may care to make pubic."

Right after typing this.

"island we know call America"
"our humble routes"
"we must be united simply because the human spirit demands us to do so."

wagner van dorfengof said...

at least my typos don't expose my racist ideology my friend

Wind River said...

"at least my typos don't expose my racist ideology my friend"

I disagree wagner. It has.

Anonymous said...

barack, if he wins will make carter's presidency look like economic boom years, when he fails miserably, which he will because of his policies, i know bush will be blamed and he will seek another 4 years to make it even worse. i am no fan of bush at this point but neither canidate can make things roght through more government, the ones who screwed us already and got us into this mess..our congress should be all walks of life-poor to middle to rich, and they should serve one term, that is the only way to save this country-not career politicians

Mister D. said...

"at least my typos don't expose my racist ideology my friend"

Ah,so you admit that you have a racist ideology. I used the power of my subliminal mind to glean that fact from your statement. Turd.

anotherwatcher said...

Look into the connections of Obama, Acorn, the founder of Acorn,Wade Rathke, Local 880 of SEIU in Chicago, THE TIDES FOUNDATION and its founder, Drummond Pike. Remember the TIDES FOUNDATION? Teresa Heinz Kerry! John Kerry is looking to be Secretary of State!

""Keep your yaps shut." That's what people working for two left-wing groups were told when word started to filter out that the head of another benefactor of "progressive" causes was going to bail out one of the groups stung by an embezzlement scandal.

Drummond Pike, the founder and CEO of the Tides Foundation, agreed to buy a nearly $1 million promissory note from the family of Wade Rathke, founder and recent leader of ACORN, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, reports The New York Times.

Wade Rathke sits on the Tides Foundation board. (And Pittsburgh's Heinz Endowments, chaired by ketchup heiress Teresa Heinz Kerry, wife of U.S. Sen. John Kerry, funded Tides with more than $8 million between 1994 and 2005.)"

Questions Raised on Democratic Primaries, As ACORN Blows Apart.

August 17, 2008 (LPAC)–The giant ACORN community-organizing group, whose political action committee endorsed Barack Obama in February and sent out organizers for Obama in the primary elections, has cracked up. Its founder and leader Wade Rathke has quit after it was revealed that his brother Dale Rathke stole $948,607.50 from ACORN and its affiliates, in 1999 and 2000. The embezzlement was kept quiet for eight years, until a covert arrangement with the billionaire funders of this “poor people’s” organization, to keep law enforcement away, became known.

"ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) has been one of the main channels through which British empire speculator George Soros has funded and promoted Obama’s Presidential candidacy. A good deal of the Soros apparatus is involved, and in an uproar, in the collapse of ACORN."

The connections of Obama and the far left radical Socialists party and its leftovers is significant. If elected HE WILL CHANGE AMERICA. Not like most want or expect.

Anonymous said...

Paying part-time workers to register voters is not illegal. Some of these workers are turning in fake names, and by law ACORN MUST turn the lists in, even knowing some names are fakes, and have even highlighted these names to the authorities.

I would hardly call this voter fraud, or election fraud. Just because a fake name is on a list does not mean this fake person can vote. And after what happened in Florida in 2000, well...Pot, meet kettle.

And I really like the way people throw the word socialist around. As if these huge multinational corporations could ever be taken over by the government; they practically OWN the government. No one, including Senator Obama, could ever change that. So stop using the word socialism; it's not the new "9/11".

Realize that this is not even a real issue in this election. Does McCain have some high morale ground to stand on? He's clean, right?

This election is about where the focus of the Federal government should be: on one hand, Iraq and big business, on the other, the economy, education, and health care.

I know what I'm choosing.

anotherwatcher said...

How about we stop using Socialist and use Marxist? Is that better? Might even fit a little better.

Victor Pinhead Henderson said...

That's right people, the drive this week is SOCIALIST !!!!!

Obama is a socialist!!!

Wind River said...

"That's right people, the drive this week is SOCIALIST !!!!!"

No pinhead, that has been around since a few weeks after he announced to those who actually paid attention.

Zimago Asgaduh said...

colin powell is a socialist ?

A Life Well Lived said...

So, the campaign strategy this week is do some silly name calling.

Tell me, which side of more or less regulation of Wall Street is McCain on this week. I am having trouble following his flip-flop-flips.

What a party.