Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Goes Great With Everything


Darrin Wimbush said...

removing tax cuts from the uber rich constitutes socialism ? Geeze,

If you people ( I am sure you all make less than $250) don't want the money you will save with Obama, please send it to me.

streiff said...

actually it is more Marxist or communist than socialist because under socialism the notion would be that the givers are at least getting something of value in return.

The fact is that wealth is not created by government and it doesn't belong to the government. The wealth of an individual is not the property of The State (better get used to hearing that term) to dispose of as The State sees fit.

If you can't understand fundamental economic theory you really shouldn't beclown yourself by making stupid comments that highlight the apparent Marianas Trench in your education.

Daniel said...

That is one fantastic photoshop job.

I'm impressed.

(Somebody had a lot of free time on their hands.)