Thursday, October 23, 2008

"...get in their face"

oh, well.


Bruce Godfrey said...

From the article to which you linked: Democrat Barack Obama's campaign released a statement saying: "Our thoughts and prayers are with the young woman for her to make a speedy recovery, and we hope that the person who perpetrated this crime is swiftly apprehended and brought to justice."

It sounds to me like this attacker was NOT listening to what Barack Obama was saying. He wasn't there to argue politics and win a voter, but to commit a felony.

I hate to make a political analysis of an unspeakably violent and predatory felony assault, but this is absolutely the worst thing this man could have done (and in the worst possible place) for Senator Obama. Of course, that is not at all the point; the point is the suffering of this young woman, the criminal suppression of her core civil rights and the sheer unspeakable outrage of this hideous thug.

If this young woman or her family sets up a recovery fund, especially if she is uninsured as a lot of people in their 20s are, I may donate a small amount. Please post a link if you hear of one and I will cross link from my new site.

streiff said...

will do

Bruce Godfrey said...

Also, it would be good (not that you need to do what I think's good) to follow up on any possible inconsistency in the story. Apparently the police and some conservative bloggers - Michelle Malkin for one - have unresolved concerns.

Daniel said...

For anyone who hasn't yet heard, this story is false.

The police have determined, and the woman has admitted, that she made it all up and did the "damage" to herself.

Bruce Godfrey said...

Shame on me for believing anything this site had to say. Really. You were my source.

You chose to publish it, but I was the one who believed. Mea maxima culpa; this one's on me. Won't do it again.

I have got a lot of flack from fellow liberals for trying to find common ground. I didn't know it, but this story was already debunked 24 hours ago. Yet there's no change on the story's headline or content.

streiff said...

Bruce, you are entitled to feel anyway you wish about this.

I pulled the story when it was proven false but I'm not offering any apology for a lot of reasons but mostly because it was a reporting on a news article on the wire services.

I have to admit I was pulled in by a lack of credulity because the story dovetails very nicely with what we've already seen as characteristics of this particular candidate's campaign.

Anonymous said...

I called it! I knew this smelled like b.s from the beginning.

Daniel said...

Well then, how's this for a related issue concerning vandalism resulting in a hospital stay??

Daniel said...

Apparently the url I tried to give in my last message may have been truncated and probably unusable.

Here is the Tiny Url version of it.

It talks of someone vandalizing a person's pickup by strapping a mattress to the underside.

The driver went to the hospital with severe burns.

Bruce Godfrey said...

"Oh well" is not a pull, Streiff. Words have meanings. Your site is lying now.

streiff said...

How you translate pulling the article to "lying" is just beyond me.

But that is really your issue, not mine.

I've had 8 years to watch the party of Barack Obama in action and I've had about a year to watch him in action. An apology here is simply not warranted.