Friday, October 17, 2008

Frank Kratovil Wants a Retraction ...

... I Don't Think So (At Least for Now)

Frank Kratovil and his minions seem to be upset about Andy Harris' latest ad:


Frank Kratovil and his acolytes want an apology. ... I don't think so!

Why?  For starters, neither Andy Harris, nor his campaign has done anything wrong.  In fact, they were quite diligent in their fact checking for this matter.

The Daily Times printed an article with a quote from Frank Kratovil - "We Solved the Crisis."  Kratovil says that he was misquoted.  Fair enough.

Kratovil's shills in the blogosphere have been claiming for a week that they had audio to disprove the quote.  Fair enough.

However, the Daily Times did not print a correction for over a week.  Suddenly, one day after Harris begins running an ad highlighting "We Solved the Crisis" the Daily Times claims that they've heard audio of the statement and they made a mistake.

Now, IF the paper had corrected the statement in a timely fashion they would have some credibility.  IF the Kratovil campaign released the ENTIRE, UNEDITED audio of the event, they might have a little credibility on this issue.

That's not what has happened.

Daily Times Executive Editor Greg Bassett has told me on several occasions that he divorces himself from any coverage of this race because of his wife Cathy's association with Rep. Wayne Gilchrest.  I have no reason to doubt him.  Therefore, all decisions regarding this matter would have been ultimately made by Managing Editor Erick Sahler.

I have no evidence that Sahler is colluding with the Kratovil campaign on this matter.  However, I don't believe in coincidence in politics. The "coincidence" of the Daily Times correcting a supposed misquote AFTER the release of the Harris ad (while correcting this "error" in a front page story rather than in the normal correction slot) is a bit much even if I did believe in coincidence.

It's a little odd that from the time of the original article (which was subsequently altered online) until yesterday, the Daily Times took the time to correct:
  • A reciped for "Soft and Tender Dinner Rolls" on 10/09
  • The amount of scholarship money to be awarded by the Community Foundation on 10/10
  • The fact that Sharon Yost works for PNC Bank on 10/11
  • along with several other relatively minor corrections ...
Yet, the management and staff of the local arm of Gannett couldn't find the time to correct what appears to be a grievous error in the most important local political race this year.  Hmmm...

Undoubtedly we'll here more hissy-fits from the Kratovil clan (and the occasional self-annointed, self-identifed pious Republican).  Go at it.  Mi server es su server.

Just give me a little evidence.  Like the COMPLETE audio rather than some short, edited snippet.

Attack me all you want.  If you want to whine about Harris, fine.  Just answer me this -

Is the opposing campaign, after taking a supposedly reputable newspaper at its word and then waiting over a week to see if they corrected this supposed error responsible for this?  If so, how?

Oh, I know.  They aren't supposed to run any ads unless Frank Kratovil personally approves them beforehand.

Sorry guys.  Your chosen candidate not only looks twelve, he behaves that way too.

PS -
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Anonymous said...

Franl Kratovil is demanding an appeasement to his ever changing mind, not a retraction.

Anonymous said...

Too bad the Harris campaign continues to stand by an ad even though they know the facts are wrong. What is really sad is that Republicans including those who blog here were willing to come out and call Harris on his negative campaigning before but turn a blind eye to it now.

I guess negative attacks and negative ads are ok when they are against Democrats.

-Dr. A

Mister D. said...

"I guess negative attacks and negative ads are ok when they are against Democrats. "

Well,if it's good enough for libs to do it,then it's good enough for conservatives to do it,too.

Anonymous said...

You want fries with that?

Anonymous said...

every day, it looks more and more likely that Andy Harris will lose this election. If you don't have your good name and honor, what's left?

Even Andy Harris should be ashamed of himself for stooping this low.

Anonymous said...


The actually changed the story as soon as it was brought up by the Kratovil campaign - the very next day.

As for the correction, that wasn't run until the Harris campaign said that an update wasn't enough, they hadn't seen a correction and would run the ad until it was corrected.

It was then corrected, and now you are using this lame excuse?

It's a false attack. Andy Harris knows it is a false attack and he doesn't care.

It's a sad day for the Maryland Republican Party that standardless Andy Harris is the standard bearer for Maryland Republicans.

Uncle Thomas said...

The Maryland republicans are all white by me.

Bush sux said...

Mission Accomplished

Anonymous said...

Frank Kratovil IS Martin O'Malley:

Check out the newest post quoting Frank Kratovil on Salisbury radio. Kratovil says O'Malley did what needed to be done. He defends O'Malley and attacks Andy Harris for saying "no,no,no" to new taxes.

On the bailout, Kratovil says he is honored to join Wayne Gilchrest. Wayne Gilchrest supported the bailout every time it came for a vote. In a Kent County News story Gilchrest attacked other Republicans for voting NO to the corporate golden parachute bailout.

Karen Schultz said...

Is Kratovil winning you guys seem sort of desperate ?

Victor said...

yes karen,

Harris will most likely lose to Kratovil

Mister D. said...

Keep dreaming those pipe dreams.

Anonymous said...

Harris has sunk so low that I hope he loses this race, big time. G.A Harrison and the rest of you can be in denial all you want--Harris is dishonest, his campaign has been dishonest, and he keeps these dishonest ads going even though they have known for at least a week that what is presented is incorrect. G.A won't even watch the ads using footage of people talking about Gilchrest and using it against Kratovil. Why not? Afraid your candidate will look slimy? What a dishonorable thing to do. If he manages to win, Harris will be isolated in Congress and will be able to return nothing to District 1. Nothing. I would not want to associate with the guy, but perhaps my standards are higher than yours.