Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Frank Kratovil - A Tough Prosectuor Who Takes Money From Defense Attorneys?

Frank Kratovil has based his campaign on two tag lines:

  • Tough Prosecutor
  • Independent
Given Kratovil's stands for socialized medicine, supporting Barack Obama's "spread the wealth" economic policies, allegiance to Big Labor and the fact that such "independent" stalwarts as Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank are contributing to his campaign we know how "independent" Frank Kratovil would be if elected to Congress.

How tough a prosecutor is he?

He's certainly not very tough on child molesters.  Robert Wayne Dwyer was charged with 17 counts of child sexual offenses.  Kratovil declined to prosecute 15 of those counts (Case No. 17K07006775) and Dwyer is now free and able to troll for more victims.

How about burglars?

Donna Ann Jones was charged with 14 counts of burglary (Case No. 0M00014525).  Jones' lawyer, Richard M. Karceski donated to Kratovil's campaign in December, 2007.  In February, 2008 Kratovil dropped 12 of those counts and Jones received a slap on the wrist.  Since then, Karceski donated again to Kratovil's campaign ... and Jones has violated her parole.

Kratovil has taken over $100,000 from criminal defense attorneys.  Many of these attorneys have cases against Kratovil's office in Queen Anne's County.

When Kratovil was asked asked about his prosecutorial record at a recent debate, Kratovil's supporters simply shouted down Maryland Sen. Andy Harris and Kratovil dodged the question.
"Is this the kind of politics we want to continue folks?"

Yes Frank.  That's what elections are about; the opportunity to ask questions of candidates and expect answers.

Are you going to answer the question Frank?  The voters of Maryland's First District deserve an answer.

We want to thank "ShoreIndie" for kindly posting this video on YouTube.  While he, like his pal Frank Kratovil, may want to sweep this under the rug by claiming that it's "baseless", the record speaks for itself.

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Christo fellini said...

that harris is obviously a racist.

Anonymous said...

there is a much better link here:

G. A. Harrison said...

Based on what?

Janet Rothchild said...

look at all these racists, not a black amongst them :

Mister D. said...

Yeah,how do you infer that he's a racist out of those remarks and questions? Kratovil doesn't look like an african-american to me.

streiff said...

you guys are so out of it. Any criticism of a Dem makes you a racist. I'm guessing that one or more of the felons in question is black and Kratovil was just trying to level the playing field of the racist criminal justice system by giving them a walk.

Daniel said...


All this time I never knew I was a racist.

Thanks for clearing that up folks.

Now I can sleep better at night.
(With all the lights on, alarms on, weapons at the ready...)

/sarcasm off