Friday, October 31, 2008

Do Tell

Barack Obama's senior advisers have drawn up plans to lower expectations for his presidency if he wins next week's election, amid concerns that many of his euphoric supporters are harboring unrealistic hopes of what he can achieve.

The sudden financial crisis and the prospect of a deep and painful recession have increased the urgency inside the Obama team to bring people down to earth, after a campaign in which his soaring rhetoric and promises of "hope" and "change" are now confronted with the reality of a stricken economy.

One senior adviser told The Times that the first few weeks of the transition, immediately after the election, were critical, "so there's not a vast mood swing from exhilaration and euphoria to despair." (more...)


dan ratherng said...

that seems rather intelligent do you not agree. I mean, no doubt change will occur but nothing good happens instantly---despite what some people say " MIssion Accomplished"

Obama is truly leading and has the political will to explain to those less able to understand ' Rome was not built in a day'

Let us contrast this with McCain's pie-in-the-sky rhetoric " I know how to catch Osama and I will " ---yeah right.

streiff said...

It seems intelligent if you assume his campaign has been build -- which it has -- on a firm foundation of cotton candy.

When you look at the laundry list of promises made to virtually anyone who wants anything it becomes pretty obvious that the man is incapable of leadership.

dan ratherng said...


He led McCain to speak of 'change' and he led McCain to change his mind about the first debate.

Obama has also led many in the Red "swing" states to support him.

He is a leader literally, as well as figuratively .

He follows no one it seems.

Higgy said...

It almost looks like Obama borrowed his campaign rhetoric from O'Malley. Promise everything but eventually give nothing. O'Malley has counted on two things: short memories and his ability to destroy the evidence(his promises). It will be interesting to see how Obama handles his outlandish promises IF he is elected.

streiff said...

This is the kind of Hale-Bopp cult thinking that frightens a lot of us.

Empirically, Obama is a lightweight. He has done nothing, left no fingerprints or tracks, accomplished nothing, taken no stand outside the mainstream of his Hype Park neighbors, and obviously understands very little about anything.

His only real accomplishment to date is holding the largest political rally in Berlin since 1938. Depending on where you stand this may or may not be a good thing.

He has gotten where he is on two factors. He is in favor of Hope and Change as are we all. He resolutely refuses to define either leaving it to be fully realized in the eye of the beholder. He's somewhere between a Picasso and a Monet or Renoir in this respect when, if you look at his record and carefully read his programs he describes something we would expect from Heironymous Bosch.

The man isn't a leader as much as his supporters are desperate, hollow followers.

And I can already predict the outcome. Failed policies and his supporters decrying the racism of a system that conspired to bring down the first black president.

dan ratherng said...

Done nothing ?

Your may want to revisit that comment, He is within days of becoming the first Non-White President of the United States--this is a very grand accomplishment my friend, very, very grand.

streiff said...

If you're into racial identity politics I'm sure it is a great moment. Otherwise, he's the least qualified candidate for the presidency since Wendell Wilkie and is surrounded by the equivalent of Hare Krishnas.

Dan Ratherng said...

I'm into the thought and actions that show that " ALL ME ARE CREATED EQUAL" and we all have equal opportunity to become POTUS.

The Great Founders of Our country would surely be pleased we proved their hypothesis.

wind river said...

"He follows no one it seems."

NO ONE???? How about all the radical leftists who he has associated with for the past 20 years since he arrived in Chicago?

streiff said...

if you think tokenism does that, fine. I'd think the whole "quality of character not color of skin" thing would weigh in at some point.

dan ratherng said...

tokenism ? what is that exactly ?

streiff said...

It is what you are espousing. Now would be a good time to read your own posts as it seems you haven't bothered to so far.

Daniel said...

If, and I say if, BO wins then that means only one thing.

I'm running for President next.

dan ratherng said...

If you wish to run for president you should. No one wil stop you but yourself.

Anonymous said...


he has accomplished this backed by who?? nothing happens instantly?? not in obama land where promises take on christ like expectations-no thanks, i'll stick with the real jesus and my own abilities to succeed
the corruption in this administration is going to make countries like mexico look good

JSchmidt said...

It looks to me like this Obama campaign has been promising the country that their candidate can walk on water, and, now that we are all at the beach - with Barack's feet in the sand - they need to pull back and lower the expectations of Obama supporters. Maybe he isn't The One?