Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Bit of Funny With the Sad

So the Washington Post asked the great question. Ehrlich vs. O'Malley in 2010, who would you vote for.

The result was O'Malley winning 57% to 36%.

It's the same margin pretty much that Obama is expected to carry the State as well (current projections are 57% to 38% there). Tough numbers that are made more interesting by the fact that 22% have no opinion on Ehrlich.

But here's where the funny comes in. The Washington Post withheld the question from publication in their paper for a future article. It is Question 4 at the raw data link. Apparently nobody at the Washington Post conveyed their hiding of the results to John Wagner who went ahead and published it on his Washington Post Maryland Moment blog today.

The Washington Post is notorious for getting scooped on their own stories, at least this time it was just other writers in their organization scooping them.

The reality is, despite O'Malley's tax increases, despite his incompetence, despite his lack of anything real, Marylanders are reading to reelect him. If Marylanders want to see jobs coming back to the State, if they want lower taxes, and if they want opportunity to succeed, people need to start working for it now. That big "R" next to Ehrlich's name hurts now more than ever.


Greg Kline said...

Why would a poll showing higher turnout in a Presidential year (Q#4) be newsworthy anyway?

Let's ease off the panic here. Yeah, if O'Malley and Ehrlich had a rematch and Ehrlich ran no campaign and Dems were excited by Obama at the top of the ticket, O'Malley would be a heavy favorite. That is what the current snapshot is. It really is beyond meaningless.

Roger V. Leopold said...

The Maryland People simply do not like Ehrlich's arrogance. If he had only been a better statesmen and not clung so feverishly onto Bush's coattails it is possible he would not have loss to O'Malley.

It is a shame that the State is in such fiscal disorder because of Ehrlich's rejection. A little humility and the ability to communicate to the people would have gone a long way.

streiff said...

I'm sort of violating one of my own rules by letting this comment out of moderation.

Wind River said...

"It is a shame that the State is in such fiscal disorder because of Ehrlich's rejection."

Daniel said...

I met Governor Ehrlich.

Frankly, I don't see any arrogance in him at all.

Cygnus said...

Which is why my wife and I left the People's Republic of MD last week for the Land of Dingy Harry. We'll take care of him in 2010.

The Unfree State is a hopeless one-party wreck that somehow continues to provide David Paulson with employment. Fortunately/sadly, the MD GOP is, as it has been for at least three decades, even more of a wreck (David Brinkley and Rick Weldon, call your offices).