Friday, September 26, 2008

Now I can take Eric Luedtke even less seriously than I already did

At this point, it's ridiculous for elected officials to continue insisting that no new revenue sources should be looked at.
- Eric Luedtke.
Seriously. He writes this stuff. God forbid that we look at cutting spending and not causing an even bigger financial mess for ourselves through higher taxes.
Obviously, any tax placed on the average, middle-class Maryland is out of the question.
- Eric Luedtke.
You mean like the ones Democrats rammed through the General Assembly last year? Those middle-class tax increases? True, we shouldn't raise any more taxes on middle and working class Maryland families. Unfortunately, I don't think Luedtke really believes that because he'll fly the flag for whatever new "revenue sources" Democrats run up the flagpole.

When Luedtke actually stands up for Maryland and joins those of us who actually want to help working and middle class Maryland families through tax cuts, then he'll actually being doing something worthwhile to help the economy and maybe we can take him seriously. Until then, who knows how bad of an economic situation Luedtke wants to help create.



Oy Oy Boy said...

We must get the revenue for somewhere. Let's tax the hell out of the Mall, the tour boats, the downtown franchise businesses, the large retailers ( downtown) , let's increase traffic ticket prices and gas tax.

This will encourage the development smaller, local businesses, and encourage responsible driving and fuel usage. And allow for a reduction of taxes to the working man.

And... reduce the salaries for all government workers, especially delegates !!!

Has anyone noticed, BTW, how bad our countries infrastructure is ?

anotherwatcher said...

This Luedtke sounds like a real progressive. Progressive means to spend and tax to match the spending. I have a question for this character.
Have you EVER sent a check to the State for more than your accountant says you owe? You are welcome to you know. If you feel more revenue is the answer, you and your leftists friends are free to pony up more of your own money. Leave mine alone.

Dude Lookslike a Lady said...


I bet your credit cards are maxed-out , huh ?

your attitude is what created all of our problems.

either cut military spending, stop the socialist military programs, or raise taxes.

anotherwatcher said...

Not a chance. Never even get close to my max on my only credit card.

"your attitude is what created all of our problems"
Never in my life have I been granted such status and credit for that kind of accomplishment. This should make me MORE qualified than Obama to be president.