Thursday, September 18, 2008

John McCain-Endorsement

Folks, I am going to be honest. I really struggled over which candidate I would support in the 2008 presidential election. Although I am a registered democrat, I have always voted for republicans for president. Usually, I find myself dissatisfied with the lame options democrats continue to put forth in general elections. While I generally like Barack Obama as a person, it's clear that John McCain needs to be elected as our next president.

Unlike other conservative bloggers, I am not going to trash Obama's character. He inspired a bunch of first time voters. Likewise, he gave an otherwise disgruntled electorate a reason to become politically active again. Still, his vision for America going forward simply doesn't match mine. Really, I can care less about his religion, his pastor, his wife, or his book. In the end, this centers around issues.

Honestly, I never envisioned a day I would vote for John McCain. Still, two important factors tipped the scale for me. First, I trust John McCain keep his word by appointing Supreme Court Justices like John Roberts and Samuel Alito. It's entirely possible that our next president will be tasked to appoint as many as 3 justices. At the very least, I don't expect John Paul Stevens to continue serving through 2012. With Obama, I expect he would nominate a carbon copy of the far left Stevens. Frankly, I find it difficult to swallow that pill.

Also, I truly believe in divided government. With democrats expected to pick up seats in both the House and Senate, it would behoove the American electorate to have a republican in the White House. That way, we won't see rubber stamped legislation such as mandatory sex education for kindergarten children. Also, John McCain has pledged to veto pork barrel spending and excessive earmarks. Let's face it, there's nothing in Barack Obama's legislative background or campaign rhetoric leads me to believe he would take the same approach.

Over the next 6 weeks, I expect this to turn into an ugly battle. I encourage everyone to look past the planned photo shoots and biased media coverage. Instead, voters should ask themselves who can best lead the United Stated of America on January 20, 2009. To me, that man is Senator John McCain.



Seductive Sally said...

good for you.

I am glad however that he is not going to be the next president. At his age , I am going to see that he lives out his last day like a man of his age and status should --resting on the exotic beaches of a resort, enjoying the company of his wife, and watching his son blossom in his naval career and perhaps huging a grandchild or two ( does he have any ? ) .

For John McCain's welfare, I am voting for Biden/Obama .

Higgy said...

Sally, for the sake of this, my country I hope you are wrong. Sen. Obama has neither the experience nor the maturity to be president. Sen. McCain will be around for some time to come. Combined with his VP selection they will provide the leadership needed to offset and control the chaotic congress. I also look forward to the first female president in 4 or 8 years. Madam President being a republican.

Seductive sally said...

No, I can not in good conscience vote for McCain. Palin may be a woman but she is certainly not a feminist and I see her choice as nothing more than pandering to the extreme right ( the 'base') McCain is a man of honor and integrity and he would have never chosen her for any reason other than to satisfy the neo-cons.

She is a token and nothing more than a political arm-piece.

For the good of the country and the preservation of McCain's honor and integrity I can not vote for McCain-- at best, I am not voting this election.

Higgy said...

Sally, you've been drinking that tainted cool aid again. Please dry out your gray matter before engaging your oral cavity. If a feminist is one who wants to have her cake and eat it too. I don't think the Governor is one. She has the ability to stand on her own two feet, think for herself, and do what needs to be done without whining "don't pick on me because I'm a girl".

Daniel said...

Ahem, it isn't like such choices haven't happened in the past.
Now have they???

I recall a person-in-the-street interview (when O'Malley was first running for guv). The woman being asked said she was going to vote for him - simply because she liked the way he looked.


I will vote for McC&P simply because I do not care for BO's record and past "Present" voting in the Senate.

Take that and see how you like it.

Foxy Spinner said...

Palin is a pawn.

Hey-- we need to check into how this woman ,who balances family life and career, took care of her children. Maybe the oldest girl got what she needed from her boyfriend ; ) . Out of wedlock pregnancy is now a conservative value ?

I bet ssarah has/had nannies taking care of her retarded child since it was born. The others were obviously left to take care of themselves. Is not the one boy now going into the military to take part in the socialist modeled military so he does not have to think or care for himself ?

The fruit the palin tree produced is very telling about SARAH comrades. moreover, what kind of 44 year old woman would get pregnant at her age given the risks ?

the only change you'll see from palin is menopause

Daniel said...


Dem's payback time said...

foxy spinner,

you really are a fox spinner are you not. Heck you are better at b.s. than they are. Of course, your spins are at least based on truth

Anonymous said...

foxy spinner, Palin is more woman and wife then you could EVER hope to be. Go get your lover a drink and scrub the floor.

Tina Fey said...

foxy spinner,

spot on. Keep 'em coming please.

ps. please remember, however, that the republicans are now a persecuted minority group.

Daniel said...

Not yet, we're not.