Sunday, September 21, 2008

Class is in session

Eric Luedtke, after discussing some language from Progressive Maryland, on the state of working Maryland:

This is what makes efforts like increasing the minimum wage, strengthening the living wage, guaranteeing paid sick days, finding ways to get people health insurance, and reinforcing labor protections are so important.Our economic growth is leaving too many behind.
So let's follow Luedtke's logic here.
  1. Maryland's economy is leaving too many people behind.
  2. We need more Government to fix the problem.
Now, let's talk about real reasons why middle and working class families are in their current state:
  1. Government has gotten too big.
  2. Martin O'Malley and Annapolis Democrats cannot control spending.
  3. Martin O'Malley and Annapolis Democrats cannot control their urge to raise taxes on the middle and working classes.
  4. Businesses who can afford to leave Maryland are due to higher taxes, more regulations, and labor unfriendly laws like living and prevailing wage laws.
  5. Fewer and fewer jobs are left for middle and working class employees.
  6. The left responds by calling for even bigger government.
  7. Return to step 2 and repeat.
If Luedtke is serious about helping Maryland's middle and working class families (and I have no doubt that he is not and would rather put politics first) he will call for the reduction of lower taxes, reduced government spending, and a regulatory environment that encourages job growth here in Maryland.

People on the fringe left like Luedtke need to realize that they are part of the problem, not part of the solution.

Class dismissed.



Prof. FuzzyWuzzy said...

If business would stop hiring illegals maybe things would change.

warpmine said...

If sanctuary policies in MD were to stop and the rule of law were to be put back in place the illegal labor pool would dry up. If only the government stopped encouraging those people tp come to MD to begin with, IF! If only the DemonRats didn't need the votes from illegal aliens to prop up their elections than well you know but hey they do need it require it demand it.

Really Smart Consevative said...

But annapolis has no more physical room for job growth. It is practically at capacity.

Can't we encourage growth in part of MD and limit it in others ? Spread it around so to speak.

This state has the some some of the highest media incomes, highest cost of living, and highest cancer rates in the country .

When is it enough , enough ?