Sunday, August 31, 2008

Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Chicago Boss

David Freddoso at NRO has an excellent rebuttal to the sham that is Barack Obama's "new politics." Freddoso recounts Obama's efforts to thwart reform of the Windy City's dirty politics.

Here are some key graphs:

Durbin and Obama together thwarted the efforts of bipartisan reformers who had reached across party lines to clean up their city’s politics. In that election, which I describe in detail in the most recent print edition of National Review, the two senators endorsed, as a “good, progressive Democrat,” a man named Todd Stroger. Both Obama and Durbin knew well that Stroger would continue to use the Cook County payroll as a private fund to support the politically connected — they just didn’t care.

Stroger, a man described by liberal Chicago Tribune columnist Eric Zorn as
“an unimaginative legislative drone” and a “machine hack candidate,” won his race with Durbin and Obama’s help. As expected, he went on to shutter health clinics, lay off hundreds of nurses and dozens of prosecutors, and raise taxes — all in order to pay for the hundreds of unqualified but politically connected patronage workers that he and various politicians had “sponsored” for county jobs. John Stroger, his father and predecessor, had even taken the wise step of putting Tony Rezko’s wife on the county payroll.

Obama notes that his opponent, Senator John McCain, voted with President Bush 90 percent of the time. Obama sides with Mayor Richard M. Daley 100 percent of the time, whether in regards to Stroger’s election or anything else that helps keep Chicago politics dirty. That is the real Barack Obama — not the smooth-talking Greek god who plays a reformer on television, but the man who has never met a Daley-backed Chicago pol he could not support. He doesn’t work against politicians for whom Tony Rezko raises money.

Let me reirerate the key point one more time, "Obama sides with Mayor Richard M. Daley 100 percent of the time."

That is change you can keep.


Daniel said...

And I shall vote against BO 100% of the time.

Wind River said...

Obama Thoughts part 2.

Listen close to this at 30 seconds in. “Or the Sermon on the Mount, a passage that is SO RADICAL thats it doubtful if our own Defense Department would survive its application. People haven’t been reading the Bible.”

For those who forgot or did not know what the Sermon was, just glance at this link.
A sample, “The Law On Murder, Reconciliation With Friends and Enemies,
Law On Adultery, The Law On Divorce, Law On Oaths, Love For One’s Enemies,
Judgement Of Others.

Put simply, The Sermon on the Mount is an extension of the 10 Commandments.

And to Barack Hussein Obama, this Sermon is “SO RADICAL” in its application, that the military might of the USA could not survive it. This is THE most telling speech I have heard from this man, proving to me that he is not safe for our traditions and way of life.
These are the “rules” we have lived with for a few hundred years in this country and seems to have worked pretty damn good to me. If these rules “are so radical” to this man, how in the hell can we possibly elect him. This video needs to be shown nationally. I wonder if it will be pulled from yt.

Is this man the man YOU want as President?