Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Union Disrespects McCain In Maryland

Unfree State

Republican presidential candidate and former Vietnam war hero Sen. John McCain got a taste of Maryland hospitality last night when union members told him he wasn't welcome in the Unfree State.

"Get out of Maryland. We don't want you here," said Mortimes Sellers of Baltimore, representing the Laborers' International Union of North America, according to the Sun.

Union members demonstrated yesterday outside the Light Street office tower where McCain held a fundraiser.

I wonder the if the inhospitable union members appreciated the fact that the man they insulted spent time in the Hanoi Hilton at the hands of torturing captors, so they might have the freedom of speech?

Their misplaced nastiness toward McCain made me ashamed to be a Marylander!

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MarylandDonkey said...

"I wonder the if the inhospitable union members appreciated the fact that the man they insulted spent time in the Hanoi Hilton at the hands of torturing captors, so they might have the freedom of speech?"

You know, I bet politically aware union members do in fact realize that McCain was captured during Vietnam. I bet they are even grateful for his service and respect him as a war hero. But you seem to be saying that McCain's time in the Hanoi Hilton makes him immune from criticism. Or that it some how make up for his abhorrent policies. The fact is that McCain's war service, while honorable had nothing whatsoever to do with preserving freedom of speech. Your sophistic argument suggesting otherwise is the worst form of republican hackery.

Unfree State said...


Why do you defend the indefensible? Why do so many liberals and Democrats do this.

The union members weren't criticizing McCain for his politics, they said they didn't want him in Maryland. Another words, get out of town!

That has nothing to do with criticism.

Man, why don't you for once apologize for the actions of your fellow Democrats. You would have a lot more credibility.

Unfree State said...


But then again, I am assuming you are serious and not just another Democratic lackey or troll!

Anonymous said...

The Democrats love to disrespect people in Maryland. As did the Obama supporters disrespected the Military and Parade in the Dundalk July 4th parade.

Maryland Obama supporters chose to fly an old American flag and a brand new Mexican flag.

Welcome to Maryland. If you do not have a "D" next to your name you are not welcomed in this state.

MarylandDonkey said...

"State Democratic leaders and union officials have used the fundraising stop as an opportunity to criticize McCain's record on children's health care and other issues.

""His record just isn't there," said Joe Flynn, national vice president of the American Federation of Government Employees."

Saying that they don't want him in the state, while not terribly specific or effective, just doesn't seem outrageous to me. I can appreciate your position that entering into a dialogue is more useful, but if you look at the image from the demonstration and read the rest of the article it seems pretty clear that they were telling him they don't want him here because they don't like his policies or his message. Saying get out is synonymous with 'we didn't invite him'/'we don't support him'. It is not an disrespect aimed at his character.

Higgy said...

marylanddonkey you sound like just as big a disrespectful jerk as Mortimes sellers and his suspect union.

MarylandDonkey said...

Well I'm sorry you feel that way higgy but if you read to the end of the article it becomes pretty clear that the union members who are saying they don't want McCain here are doing so to express their disagreement with him. They didn't say he couldn't come, they didn't try to stop him from speaking (if they had done either of those things I would gladly join anyone (hopefully anyone) in condemning them), they simply wanted their message hear along side McCains. They wanted people to know that the majority of Marylanders don't support McCain and want him to lose.

pb said...

Joe Flynn's comment about McCain's record "not being there".....probably feels B.H. Obama's consistent record of "Present" votes qualifies him to lead the "home of the free and the brave" moreso ??

MarylandDonkey said...

Actually the "present" votes took place in the Illinois Senate, I'm pretty sure (though I admit not 100%) that you cannot vote present in the US Senate.

Interestingly enough Flynn's statement was about McCain's record, but it works on the physical level too, McCain missed more votes than any other senator in the 110th congress. 63% in fact.

Unfree State said...

Again, for the last time. I will spend no more time on this.

The Democratic union members owe McCain an apology. In fact, the Maryland Democratic Party owes McCain an apology.

Higgy said...

marylanddonkey - mortimes sellers and his so called union (which I've still never heard of) do owe Sen. McCain an apology. at least he does have some experience, including service, unlike his opponent. His opponent has not voted present most of his senate term because he has not been there. He's just been drawing a pay check.

Anonymous said...

Unfree State....

Your are going to turn blue holding your breath for an apology.

Maryland Democratic Party can not answer why B. Hussein Obama flew a Mexican flag at a United States Independence Day Parade in Dundalk on July 4th.. I did not know that we moved our countries birthday to May 5th.

I guess we have to go to Mexico on May 5th and fly our Stars and Stripes, we would probably be thrown into jail, to never be heard from again.

But MOM has renamed July 4th as "Take me out fishing day"

Nothing to be surprised about in the god forsaken state.

A Life Well Lived said...

Barack Obama was in a parade in Dundalk?

The news missed that one.


What flags did the Irish-Americans fly? Italian-Americans?

Or do you only hate Mexican-americans?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

"Union" is the new monopoly. You can't say anything to the unions whose day for existing has long since passed. Union members of the new elite that includes getting paid for rain dates when they can't work, fee schedules that pay entire teams of workers - many of whom aren't necessary for the job -- it's another form of corporate welfare only it hurts business. Nothing surprises me in Maryland - unions are special interest groups for their bank accounts, not for America. One day the tide will rise.It always does.

Anonymous said...

I hadn't heard about this Mexican flag in the Dundalk parade! Is that accurate? Was it representing a particular group? Certainly, Mexico's only export is their poor people and unfortunately, we have to continue to pay dearly for it. We treat no other country with such favoritism - where's the onslaught of Eastern Europeans, British, Swedes? We run Cubans back home to a terrible regime and help Haitians back in the boat, but somehow, Mexico has become the sacred cow. How does one become the flavor of the month?