Tuesday, July 22, 2008

‘Bring Back Ehrlich 2010′ Bumper Stickers!

Unfree State has heard from many of you who long for the return of former Republican Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr., and wish to let the one-party Democratic rulers of Maryland know EXACTLY how you feel!

Although the former Governor has not even come close to announcing whether he will run again, we ordered the sharp-looking, blue and white 3" by 10" bumper stickers so you, your friends and relatives can proudly display on their bumpers -- or anywhere -- their strong desire to bring Bob back!

We got a few left, and are ordering more today!

For more info, click here.

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Anonymous said...

The libertarians among your readers find the timing of this a little unfortunate, given the recent string of revelations regarding the Ehrlich administration's efforts to infiltrate and monitor political activist groups in the state. This is an incredible disappointment to those of us who value civil liberties as well as economic ones ...

Last Reporter said...


Give Ehrlich the same benefit of a doubt as the Dems and courts are giving Sheila Dixon and Sen. Currie.

Also remember that the Superintendent of the State Police said Ehrlich didn't know of the project. In addition, then Mayor O'Malley's police also cooperated with the investigation. So, I think it's a bit premature to try and put the blame on Ehrlich. Let the facts come out.

A Life Well Lived said...

That only proves that Bob knows the meaning of "plausable deniability."

It's not very heartening that his own administration was spying on law abiding citizens even after their activities were determined to be entirely legal and the governor knew nothing about it.

But thanks for bringing it up.

A Life Well Lived said...

Or even "plausible deniability"

Unfree State said...

Life worth lived,

You must be looking at the internal polls, your boy O'Malley is in deep do do, and you hope to tag Bob, but it won't work!!!

A Life Well Lived said...

Don't need polls to discuss Bobby, and his spy operation for the GOP/Bush do I?

I mean, shouldn't he have known if he didn't - which is hard to believe.

Is it OK for the state police to do something like this on their own?

That's sort of like a police state, is it not?

Mark Newgent said...

Of course you fully ignore the assit BPD Intel Division gave to the MSP during one protest at Supermax.

BPD was also briefed on the intelligence MSP gathered. They knew, so by your logic O'Malley knew as well and did nothing.

Unfree State said...


He knows that we know that O'Malley's city police were involved. He's just upset because Gov. O'Malley could very well lose his job in 2010 to a man named Ehrlich!

A Life Well Lived said...

I guess it's lost on you both that when the state police pull off an operation in a local jurisdiction, they request local police involvement.

So, what you're saying is "if Bob's going down, he's not going down alone."

Are you implying that the city administration was involved in something bad? Which would mean that the administration that invited them in was also bad.

But if you want to hang your hat on that, go right ahead. I understand Bob embarassed himself on the radio today trying to explain himself. He's never responsible for or knows anything about anything his administration ever did.

"I don't recall - obviously - ....."