Friday, April 4, 2008


John’s post below begs the question, what is it about Montgomery County politicians and progressives in general that makes them fundamentally ignorant about what a tax cut is?

Our governor, himself a MoCo native, adds to the pool of ignorance.

"People in that millionaire's tax bracket and above have received about a 12 percent reduction in their income tax rate since the year 2000," O'Malley told reporters late today.

However, on this occasion the governor provides the answer.
"I do not think it's unfair, nor is it unreasonable to ask these patriotic neighbors of ours to contribute an additional three-quarters of a percent to defending our state and keeping us strong in these tough times."

And there you have it. According to the progressive mind, a tax cut is not a governmental prohibition on itself from taking money from the people who created and earned it. No, the money from a tax break is a benefit bestowed by government, which is “received” by millionaires.

By O’Malley’s logic, our fundamental rights do not come from nature and nature’s God, as our founding fathers rightly noted, but from government, and any who think differently, are by implication, unpatriotic.


AnotherWatcher said...

What does giving money to the state have to do with "defending" it?

The man is a leftist fool.

Daniel said...

O'Malley is living proof that a law degree does not bestow intelligence.

Nor honesty. Nor morals. Nor good sense.

Maybe I should stop there before I flood this site.

cedsaid said...

all we need to do is look to California, they have a budget problem because so many millionaires have left the state and the states income has gone down.