Friday, January 25, 2008

The Red Maryland Endorsements

What you see listed below are the candidates that have been endorsed by Red Maryland's contributors, receiving the coveted "Red Maryland Endorsement". Read on below the fold to see the vote breakdowns and comments from our contributors:

  • President: Mitt Romney
  • 1st Congressional District: Andy Harris
  • 2nd Congressional District: No Endorsements
  • 3rd Congressional District: Paul Spause
  • 4th Congressional District(Republican): Michael Moshe Starkman
  • 4th Congressional District(Democratic): Donna Edwards
  • 5th Congressional District: No Endorsement
  • 6th Congressional District(Republican): Roscoe Bartlett
  • 6th Congressional District(Democratic): Andrew Duck
  • 7th Congressional District: No Endorsements
  • 8th Congressional District: No Endorsements
LOTS to see below the fold...


  • Mitt Romney- 5
  • John McCain- 3
  • NOT John McCain- 1
D.C. Russell: As for President, I am absolutely opposed to John McCain and will not vote for him under any circumstances. That being said, I am generally turned off by the rest of the field. I probably won't make a final choice until just before I vote. Some days I'm tempted to vote for Ron Paul simply out of protest against all the others, but I'll probably end up going for Romney, Thompson, or whoever has the best change of beating McCain.

G.A. Harrison: One of the things that I always look for in a candidate is honesty. That's why I was a big supporter of Phil Gramm's back in 1996. I may disagree with a McCain on a few issues, particularly campaign finance and immigration, but at least he's been pretty straight as to what he believes.

Brian Gill: For me, private market/career success is very important, and Romney has the best background in that regard. I like the fact that he has been an executive rather than a legislator, and I like his message/policies enough.

In strict political terms, I like Romney a lot. Most of the recent Presidents have ascended from the office of Governor, which Romney has over every candidate—D or R. He is a lot prettier than McCain and Rudy, and a heck of a lot prettier than Hillary—and these things matter a least a little bit. He has the best “outside of Washington” argument, for what that’s worth.

Streiff: This is as painful a statement as I have ever written but with the withdrawal of Fred Thompson from race John McCain is the best choice for president. Whether you like his positions or not, John McCain has been constant in both his virtues and vices. His positions are long held. He carries an lifetime ACU rating of 82.6%. His voting record on both life issues and the Long War have been flawless. There are a lot of things I don't like about McCain. His opposition to tax cuts. His acquiescence, if not down right complicity, in the growth of the federal government. His jihad against political speech. His willingness to toss conservatives under the bus if it garnered a positive lede in the New York Times. That I do support McCain despite these flaws indicates the seriousness of my reservations about Governors Huckabee and Romney and Mayor Giuliani.

Matt Johnston: Like others have expressed, I was something of a FredHead (although I was quite miffed that he took his sweet time getting into the race and then didn't really make as solid an effort as I think he could have.

But here is why Romney is my guy--he has a proven track record of getting things done. No, I didn't like his MA healthcare plan, but at least he put something forward instead of sitting around blabbing about it. His work on the MA education system is stellar, although I think it won't translate to the national scene very well. (See what I mean, it is hard to get really jazzed about this race). But what I like most is that he takes the issues and tries to solve them. Instead of yakking about solutions, he tries them out. As an executive, he was paid to make decisions, both in government and in business, and his success is hard to deny. He has more executive, and wide ranging executive, experience than the other candidates from both parties (except perhaps Bill Richardson, but that is a moot point).

No candidate is perfect and there is no reason to expect a perfect candidate. Mitt Romney is a great candidate and would be a great president.

Mark Newgent: Mitt Romney I explain here.

Greg Kline: My reasons for supporting Mitt Romney are here.

* * * *


  • Andy Harris- 3
  • Anybody but Andy Harris- 2
  • TIE: Gilchrest, Andybody but Wayne Gilchrest, and E.J. Pipkin- 1
Brian Griffiths: I think I have been rather outspoken about my disdain for the way that Andy Harris has run his campaign, and has continued to run his campaign. It's sad because Andy Harris has wasted this opportunity to make a difference. Yes, he is politically more in line with my views than the other candidates. But E.J. Pipkin and Wayne Gilchrest are good men, something that remains in question about Harris given the campaign he has run. As I promised, I do not endorse any candidate, but do tell you to vote for somebody who is not Andy Harris...

Chester Peake: Would really like to support Andy, but he and his campaign are making it increasingly less likely I will be able to do so. Not so sure about E.J., so may wind up supporting the incumbent even though I disagree with him on almost every issue due to the nice guy/better the devil you know factor.

G.A. Harrison: Harris, no question....What are the arguments against Harris? The biggest one is that he has run a "negative" campaign. First of all negative sells, whether we like it or not. Except for a few hardcore Pipkin partisans that's it. The flip side is that in the last few weeks no one has run a nastier campaign than Pipkin. What's worse is that it's been stupidly nasty. You never call names yourself (or have senior staff do it). That's what surrogates are for.

Before Harris officially entered the race I called up Lowell Stoltzfus and asked him point blank if Harris was worth spending any time on. His response was that Andy is the real deal. And he has proven to be. Sure you can nit-pick a few votes, but where has Andy seriously strayed from Reaganite orthodoxy?

Pipkin on the other hand has myriad problems when it comes to social issues. He's pro-abortion and has supported a bizarre gay union law (I know, technically it's registration). Personally, I don't care about the latter and while I'm pro-life I will not withhold support from an otherwise good candidate based on that issue alone. Now let's look at this practically. Will social conservatives pull the lever for Pipkin in November? No!

Andy doesn't need to make a big play on social issues because he has bona fides there and the word will spread within the various communities. He'll get strong NRA support for the general. My only concern is that Kratovil will run a good campaign and that Andy's campaign lacks. If he had run a better primary race early on Pipkin wouldn't even be an issue. He's still run a better race than Pipkin.

Michael Swartz: For First District, I'm endorsing Andy Harris based on my study of the candidate stances on the issues that I hold dearest. However, E.J. Pipkin is solid on a number of issues too so either would be a good choice over Wayne Gilchrest - I just think Harris is a better fiscal conservative than Pipkin and, while social conservatism isn't high on my issue list, Harris is a better choice there as well. And yes I know Joe Albero is a big Harris supporter but I supported him first.

But if either of them won, I'd work to get them into Congress. Wayne Gilchrest wouldn't even get a yard sign in my yard (he didn't in 2006 either.)

Unfortunately, I can see a situation where Harris and Pipkin cannibalize and split all the anti-Gilchrest votes and Wayne wins again.

Streiff: Andy Harris....He's the conservative in the race. It is as simple as that.

Greg Kline:
This is a tough one. Forgive me if this endorsement reads like a disclaimer. To some degree, it is a reflection of the truly divisive and negative trajectory this race has taken.

Wayne Gilchrest deserves a challenge. His transgressions against the conservative voters who put him in office make it just that he sweat this race out. I personally have run against Republican incumbents who went off the reservation too often. There is a place in our party for that and should logically have led me to support one of the challengers in this race.

But something funny happened on the way to the forum. The challengers in this race have shown themselves undeserving of representing me and my neighbors in CD-1.

Andy Harris has run one of the most negative races in Maryland history. I would be a hypocrite to say I opposed criticism of an opponent’s record, especially an incumbent. I do not. Harris, however, has taken the negative attack to a level beyond anything we have ever seen. It would truly be newsworthy if he actually issued some positive statement or espoused some agenda of his own and his specious attacks on E.J. Pipkin strain his credibility beyond the breaking point. He has also chosen to associate with unsavory operatives, reprobate politicians who endorsed Gilchrest and Harris in the same month, and has relied on out of state interests to such a degree as to cast doubt that his campaign emerges from the grassroots of this district.

E.J. Pipkin is little better. His entry into the race smacks far more of political opportunism than principle, hardly what we need more of in the United States Congress.

Wayne Gilchrest has said that he has had to polish his conservative credentials in this race. While they may not shine as much as some would like, they are there. Gilchrest has been a named a Hero of the Taxpayer by the Americans for Tax Reform five times and supported pro-growth tax policies throughout his career. While not going far enough, Gilchrest has supported legislation to make English our nation’s official language, to expand border patrols and immigration enforcement. He seeks to rein in what he acknowledges is out of control spending in Washington.
Beyond policy, though, no one can argue that Wayne Gilchrest is a honorable, decent man. For all the negative attacks on his voting record, none have assailed his character. That is why he has had the support of so many conservative leaders in his district and in Washington.

It is why he has my support as well.

Bud the Blogger: Contrary to the popular (yet grossly incorrect) belief in the Anne Arundel County blogosphere, I often find myself supporting republican candidates for political office. Besides their life experience, some of the traits I look for in a candidate are intellectual honesty, independence and a conservative ideology. After reviewing all the candidates vying for the republican nomination in the First Congressional Primary, one person stands out above the rest. E.J. Pipkin should be the choice of voters on February 12th.

Unlike the other State Senator seeking to unseat the incumbent, E.J. Pipkin didn't grow up a child of privilege. His father worked as a electrician and his mother served as a cafeteria worker. Meanwhile, E.J. (which stands for Edward Joseph) flipped hamburgers at McDonald's simply to make ends meat. In order to pay his way through college, E.J. Pipkin needed to work full time in construction. While many young men would have took an easier route, E.J. Pipkin hung on until he received his master's degree in 1978.

In 2002, E.J. Pipkin got elected to the Maryland State Senate in most impressive fashion. He defeated a long time incumbent by an astounding 25 percentage points. In his time in the Maryland Senate, E.J. has established himself as someone who'll put the interests of his constituents above all else. While the republican establishment stood up for BGE almost 2 years ago, E.J. Pipkin broke ranks with his party leadership and stood up for the consumer. He even went so far as to solely sponsor a bill that would have returned $500 million to ratepayers. All but 5 state senators went on to vote in favor of his bill. Unfortunately, then Governor Ehrlich made the flawed political decision to veto the same.

Even though he garnered wide range bi-partisan support for this bill, he received unfair criticism within republican ranks because he didn't walk in lock step with the governor. For the record, I voted for Governor Ehrlich both times, but in the case of BGE, E.J. Pipkin stood up for the good guys.

E.J. Pipkin also stands on the right side of many vital issues. Pipkin is a stealth warrior for 2nd amendment rights. As a candidate for Congress, Pipkin has vowed to end pork barrel spending and pass a constitutional binding balanced budget amendment. By doing do, it makes his promise to fight tax cuts practical. The special session gave a preview of what we could expect from a Rep. Pipkin. He stood up and became the leading voice against O'Malley's tax hikes.

E.J. Pipkin is a leader we can trust to fight for us in Washington. Don't buy into the gross distortions you'll see and hear in campaign ads. By merely examining Pipkin closely, as I have, you'll see he stands out above the rest.

Mark Newgent: Anybody but Gilchrest. I prefer Andy Harris. However I think we would be well served by EJ Pipkin as well. But I live in Baltimore City and I admit great unfamiliarity with CD1 issues, especially on the Eastern Shore. I am stuck with scion of Sarbanes so my endorsement doesn’t mean much.

* * * *
  • No Endorsement
Brian Griffiths: I cannot endorse a Ron Paul troll in this contest, even as the only candidate in the race. This speaks more to the failure of John Flynn and party leadership to recruit a candidate than anything else....

* * * *

  • Paul Spause- 1
Brian Griffiths: Paul Spause is the only credible candidate in this race, and I endorse him for this tough contest.

* * * *
  • Michael Moshe Starkman- 4
D.C. Russell: Living in PG County, the only Congressional races I have focused on are 4 and 5. In 4 (my district) I endorse Michael Moshe Starkman.

Michael Swartz: I'd also like to put in a plug for Michael Moshe Starkman in the 4th District, simply because he had the gonads to answer my Ten Questions.

* * * *
  • Donna Edwards- 2
  • Albert Wynn- 1
Streiff: Given that a Democrat is going to represent M-4, Albert Wynn is an infinitely better choice than Donna Edwards. Edwards is a creation of the fringe left Move The last thing the Congress needs is another moonbat. Wynn is a reflexive leftist but not a movement leftist. If you've got to deal with a leftist it is best to not have to deal with a true believer. Prince George's County has enough problems without being represented by Donna Edwards.

Matt Johnston: Contrary to what other people may think, if Edwards wins and she is indeed a "moonbat" then she will be marginalized pretty quick. Wynn has his head more in Maryland politics than in his Congressional duties. Just a gut feeling but there it is.

Brian Griffiths: It comes down to the fact that both Al Wynn and Donna Edwards are going to put politics and special interests before the people. We know that both are going to be beholden to liberal interest groups first and foremost, despite the noted problems of this district. But so long as Donna Edwards wants to run to the left of Mao, do lame stakeouts, and get endorsements from celebrities, us on the right will have a good time making her the new face of the Maryland Democratic Party.

* * * *
  • No Endorsement
* * * *
  • Roscoe Bartlett- 2
Matt Johnston: To be frank, I would much rather see some real challengers to Barlett (Alex Mooney comes to mind quickly), rather than the parade of horribles currently running. Mooney, I think, is biding his time until Bartlett retires. That being said, Bartlett is far and away the better candidate. I think his time has come and gone, but if we are to have a caretaker, far better it to be a Republican than a Democrat. Should Bartlett lose, look for a real conservative to jump into the race. The big problem is the leftward trend in lower Frederick County thanks to all the refugees form the People's Republic of Montgomery County.

* * * *
  • Andrew Duck- 1
Streiff: Duck had his wee-wee knocked in the dirt in 2006, despite Democrat successes nationwide. He, like Edwards, is a creation of Move On and Daily Kos and his credentials are limited to a tour in Iraq and working on the Carter/Mondale campaign. Why would I support this feckless and perennial loser? Because Jennifer Dougherty would be a formidable candidate.

* * * *
  • No Endorsement

* * * *
  • No Endorsement


Mark Newgent said...

Gotta love that Donna Edwards stakeout ad. She complains about Al Wynn beholden to special interests then slaps the labels of two HUGE SPECIAL Interests at the end her ad.

Chester Peake said...

I just finally decided last night on my recomendation for President... as Mitt Romney. There's no need to amend the post since I mentioned it in my own post here and on my blog.

Sorry I couldn't get it to you sooner, but it took me that long to decide.

Good work!


bud said...

I endorsed McCain. Trust me when I tell you that is something I would've laughed in your face if you told me was possible even six months ago. IMO, he's the only one that can beat Hillary.

Foster said...

Streiff - I dissagree with you on MD 6th District. Did you look at all the candidates? Duck and Dougherty would be formidable. Deibert and Smith would be much better choice although I feel Smith would do best at the State level and Deibert at the Congressional level. Lank, well he just turned himself into authorities due to a warrant stemming from a child support case.. Enough said.

streiff said...

I live in MD-6, so yes I did look at the candidates.

Duck is a non-entity who ran as a creation MoveOn and the far left in 2006 and had his clock cleaned.

Dougherty has a base of support in Frederick, where she was mayor, and at least can appear lucid for periods of time.

warpmine said...

Bartlett is clueless as the rest of the Rinos., He states that oil won't last forever. Yeah especially ifstop drilling for it, douchebag. Simply isn't going to magically appear when you need it, you have to goout and get it via drilling anywhere you can. This moron of a congressman supports more regulation of where you can drill for it like opposing offshore, ANWR, shale etc...While I'm on subject let's talk about opposition to common sense. Common sense dictates that when you follow the state of CA lead on emisions standards you will force all to pay through the nose at the pump and for the extra equipment on the new cars. Anyone willing to pay extra for something we don't need? Anyone? Next up is his capitualtion to the climate change crowd. Tha man obviously has a limited intelligence or just refuses to jo necessary homework concerning facts vs myths.

Please vote for the Demonrat on this one to get rid of this RINO.

End of vent!

Bruce Godfrey said...

Wow. Re: Duck, Losing one campaign in 2006 makes one a "feckless and perennial loser"? Oh wait, he participated in a campaign 25 years ago. Ahh, that's the perennial. Duck ran against a hyper-entrenched incumbent and performed decently compared to party registration numbers.

As for Edwards, she fits MD-4's political center perfectly. That district and arguably MD-8 should be represented by members of the House Progressive Caucus. Van Hollen shares their politics but is in leadership, and so cannot join. But MD-4 is where Strom Thurmond is serving out his time in Hell, probably as a domestic worker for a a couple of black lesbian parents running a vegetarian co-op.

Wynn would be a better fit for the political center of gravity of MD-7, with culturally conservative black voters and fewer left-leaning whites in West Baltimore and Randallstown.

Justin Ready said...

Everyone in Montgomery County (and the sliver of PG that is in the district) should take a look at Dr. Steve Hudson in the 8th Cong. District...full disclosure, I've been working with him.

He's a veteran and MD, has actually been running a campaign, raising money and calling for support. Check out

Steve Hudson said...

Hi, my name is Dr. Steve Hudson, and I am running for Congress in the 8th District. Momentum for our campaign is growing as we look to the Maryland Republican Primary and beyond. I am 100 percent committed to the people in my District and to this race. I have never backed down from a challenge, and I'm ready for the good fight to restore moral, practical, and conservative values in federal government. Please visit our website at I hope that I can earn your trust, which I value immensely.

Very Respecfully,

Steve Hudson

mezgerlaw said...

Dear Fellow Republicans and Red Maryland readers,

This is Brian Mezger, and I am a candidate for the Republican nomination in Maryland's 8th Congressional District. I am a mainstream conservative, and the only one of the five running who has previously stepped up to the plate as a political candidate. In 2006, I was a Republican nominee for delegate to the Maryland Legislature in Dist. 15. I received the most votes in the general election of any of the 21 non-incumbent Republicans running for delegate in Montgomery County by articulating our core Republican values. That was a hard fought, serious campaign and this experience would make me the most effective in going after Chris Van Hollen. A vote for Brian Mezger stands for border security, no amnesty for illegals, no cut-and-run in Iraq before getting the job done, relentless pursuit of the war on terror, pro-life, no redefinition of marriage, low taxes, reining in bloated government, honoring the second amendment, and energy independence. I also call for a full and immediate presidential pardon of unjustly convicted Border Patrol agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean. In 2006, Governor Ehrlich stated that "Brian Mezger will work hard for your family's financial security," and that remains equally true today. I believe that America's best days are ahead of her. I respectfully ask for your vote on February 12, and as a regular reader of Red Maryland would also highly value an endorsement. Please see my website at

All the best,

Brian Mezger

Anonymous said...

In a State in such sad financial status as Maryland, it is more important than ever that we, the voting John & Jane Q Public, cast our votes for the self achievers. Steve Hudson is the most glowing example of what America represents to the rest of the world, and is THe American Dream. We need to have elected officals who will pass laws and govern us that this American Dream continues to be a possibility for all our Children. We need someone who understands the plight of our soldiers, active and veterans. We need Dr. Steve Hudson.

jetpropelledjo said...

Steve Hudson is the man we need to elect into Office. His only special interest is his constituates.

I have looked over many candidates and don't like politics but have to take part in getting the right people into office.We the Public cannot afford any more errors by getting the wrong people into office. Every vote counts. The wrong ones hurt, VOTE HUDSON!!

Anonymous said...

Scott D.
Steve is former military, of course he is Pro Veterans, and he is a Doctor so he is also interested in health care, He has 4 kids in school so he has education on his Urgent list. I have to admit it is good to hear someone who isn't taking tainted contributions or having heartburn about past bad acts or how he voted last time. It is worth getting new blood into office and see what he can do.

Prozac Mom said...

I'm really surprised that you have not endorsed Dr. Hudson in the 8th district. I've read everything that the other candidates have put out there and no one seems genuinely concerned about the people of the district than Dr. Hudson does. He seems utterly committed to doing what we the people want instead of what is popular. I'm voting for Hudson. I hope you will too.

Justin said...

Hey, I just wanted to recommend Steve Hudson for MD-08... I've looked at all the candidates, and he's the best pick. We need someone who's reasonable, sensible, and willing to look at the issues in a commonsense manner.

For my full endorsement of Steve Hudson (and others) feel free to stop by my Voter's Guide on my webpage:


Anonymous said...

I like Brian Mezger ... I'm not impressed with the other candidates in 8. Stern and Marks are Rinos and Roberts is a Ron Paulian. What Hudson didn't mention was that he's also on the ballot as a Huckabee delegate and we all know what that means - tax and spend liberal and weak on immigration. I also don't like all the inappropriate suggestive material people post on Hudson's myspace page and he doesn't take down. So vote for Brian!!!

Republican Girl:-)

ha090696 said...

i know Brian really well, he's a great guy, solid on the issues, good for conservatives. with experience too!! he can take on Van Hollen---- everyone should vote for him


jrvidman said...

I am for Steve Hudson. I follow Maryland politics closely and when I find a candidate like Steve my faith in our self governance is renewed. Why?
• Steve’s volunteer service to the defense of this country in the United States Navy
• His career as a U.S. Naval Medical Officer
• He holds both medical and law degrees
• He is a practicing eye surgeon with Baltimore-Washington Eye Center. In 2007, he traveled to Africa and Israel to provide volunteer eye surgery to those in need.
• In 2006, he received the American Medical Association’s Community Service Award for Lifetime Commitment to Community Service.
• In 2006 The United States Junior Chamber of Commerce selected him as one of the Ten Outstanding Young Americans
• Steve was an International Finalist for the Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World Program in 2007.
And that’s the short list. I am voting for Dr. Steve Hudson because I believe he will be the best candidate to beat Van Hollen in the general election with his proven record and core conservative values. Go Steve! Ps. I just met him 3 weeks ago.

Anonymous said...

Bob says:
I like Steve Hudson for a variety of reasons. He believes in a strong national defense and a firm policy to prevent illegal immigration. He listens to reason and understands the need to eliminate Ear-Marks. He will be a fresh voice that will be heard because he likes to get things done. I haven't decided on a presidential candidate yet, but I believe that Steve will support our party nominee.

AK Sarben said...

Hopefully, the folks that call themselvs true conservatives realize that is better to have a maverick R rather than a D -- President Bush does! Take note of his recent endorsement of Wayne Gilchrest. The President realizes the value to the country (and to Maryland) in having a thinking, hard-working, honest man in Congress, even when that man does not always agree with the policies of the Republican Administration. I for one am tired of those who just stand up and salute the Party and then vote the way their told (Harris looks to be cut out of that mold -- his rhetoric is right out of the Party playbook!) AK Sarben

BEEFLOAF said...


Taylor said...

It's getting interesting in the 8th district. I notice the Metzger supporters are taking pot shots at Hudson while the Hudson supporters are praising their candidate. So Republican girl, I must quote Shakespeare. Methinks the lady doth protest too much. Instead of attacking Hudson why not just say nice things about Metzger - or is there nothing to say?

Tommi Girl said...

I can't say enough good things about Steve Hudson in District 8.
He's a go-getter who loves to get things done. When he moved into my precinct, he began to organize it like gangbusters, and started going door to door to meet the people and listen to their concerns and issues. We need someone in office who listens to us. Also, we need someone who can beat Van Hollen and I feel he's the only one who can!

Anonymous said...

So I see Hudson reads this because as soon as I complained he took down the most offensive posts to his myspace page calling women "sl--s", but what kind of respect does he have for women by leaving those up so long? And what's with his having Ron Paul as a myspace friend? So in addition to being a Huckabee wannabe as a Huck delegate he's a Ron Paulian too. I saw he was considering with the Ron Paul people about becoming a Ron Paul delegate, I saw it on their meetup groups. And is he running for Surgeon General or congress? Or do-gooder in chief? What's going to happen is he's in Congress - he's going to be a feel-good spender on all his virtuous charity projects. And he's trying hard to look strong on immigration but do you really think a bleeding heart Huckabee liberal is going to be tough on illegals? Give me a break! So Hudson moves into 8th a few months ago and now he's the savior who's going to beat Van Hollen? Wake up people - you're having the wool pulled over your eyes. All the other candidates have much deeper roots here. As I said I particularly like Brian Mezger because he's a true conservative, and has political experience because he ran for delegate for our state legislature, and roots here. What you see is what you get, with no hidden agenda - a straightforward conservative and I like that. Why doesn't Hudson post on his website that he's a Huckabee delegate or is he too chicken to do it? Ta!

Republican Girl;-)

Lori said...

Of course Steve reads Red Maryland! What true Maryland conservative wouldn’t? Thank you for letting us know about the virus on Steve's Myspace page. He removed it as soon as you found it. Thank you!

My name is Lori Hudson, and my husband is running for Congress in the 8th District. I know my husband better than anyone, and I can assure you of many things.

First, he is a strong, proven, conservative leader, which he demonstrates in many areas. On 9/11/01, a day none of us will ever forget, he was serving as a Navy Flight Surgeon with the U.S. Marines at the Presidential Helicopter Squadron. I would like to share with you some script from his Meritorious Service Medal Certificate awarded by the President of the United States:

On 9-11-2001, “LCDR Hudson and his outstanding medical team expeditiously devised an aeromedical evacuation and response plan for the entire Capitol Region that included medical equipment staging for eight aircraft, personnel recruitment, and the compilation of lat/long coordinates, communication frequencies and max weights for landing pads at area hospitals . . . he expertly anticipated and procured critical testing equipment and antibiotics to address the current anthrax threat.”

He was also awarded the White House Service Badge and Service Certificate for “Honorable Service in the White House.”

Second, my husband knows how to get things done through cooperation and teamwork, something that I believe many people in Washington have forgotten. For his diplomacy and leadership, Steve was selected to be chief resident at the Medical University of South Carolina’s Storm Eye Institute in 2005. He showed an innate ability to resolve disputes, as needed, and he designed an education program for the residents that involved more faculty participation than in any previous year of the program. This improved the relationship of the faculty and residents and improved the quality of resident education and patient care. He received the MUSC Program Director’s Award for “The Resident Who Best Displays the Behaviors and Attitudes Each of Us Looks For In Our Own Personal Physician.”

Third, Steve has broad knowledge of three key areas that will enable him to be an effective, fiscally conservative Congressman. He has a law degree from the University of Maryland, which will enable him to contribute most effectively to the public process. He was an associate editor of the Maryland Law Review and received the Joseph Bernstein Prize for excellence in legal writing. Steve earned a Masters of Public Administration from Marist College, where he learned how government should work and why it’s not working. Finally, he earned his Medical Degree at the Uniformed Services University Medical School here in Bethesda, Maryland. Health care is a key issue in our society today, and his extensive training and experience in medicine and public health empowers him to reform our healthcare system. In 1999, he was awarded the Donald F. Hagen Young Physician Award by the Association of Military Surgeons of the United States “to recognize early accomplishment and future potential in federal health care leadership or to the international community.”

Finally, my husband is a man of honor, and I believe the main reason he wants to join Congress is so the voice of the people of the 8th District will be heard. He will stand up for what is best for the people of Maryland, and will be honored to serve you in that capacity. He will always be willing to listen to what you, the voters, believe is right. I hope you will trust him to that very important job because I know no other candidate would serve you better.

Lori said...

Hi. I need to make a correction. I realized that I was reading text off of the Summary of Action. Here is the actual text from his Meritorious Service Medal Citation:

"His superb organizational and coordination efforts after the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 enabled the squadron to rapidly formulate a comprehensive aeromedical evacuation plan for the region. Following the attacks, Lieutenant Commander Hudson expertly anticipated the bioterrorism threat and procured critical testing equipment and antibiotics to ensure the uninterrupted viability of the Marine Helicopter Squadron One Presidential Mission."

Anonymous said...

While Wynn and Edwards play dirty politics, Dr. Michael Babula's campaign is playing fairly and staying above this childish bickering. My vote goes to Dr. Babula. I just received my league of women voters questionnaire and Babula’s qualifications tower over these lawyers. I think a lot of the voters, sick of Wynn and Edwards’ inability to concentrate on core issues will switch to Dr. Babula.

Anonymous said...


I am surprised to see that Steve Hudson hasn't gotten your endorsement for the 8th district. He is an amazing man with an outstanding resume. He is the type of candidate that you get excited about and will bring voters out to the polls to defeat Van Hollen!