Thursday, January 31, 2008

President McCain=Nixon 1971

Despite the eloquent Red State arguments for McCain, I remain unpersuaded. I will admit though, that Ben Domenech almost had me with the Anchorman reference.

I support Romney, and lord knows he isn't the perfect candidate. However, I can't at this time, support McCain, who is clearly at odds with the conservative base on many impoertant issues.

Conservative disatisfaction with McCain reminds me of Nixon in 1971. Not that I remember 1971, I wasn't even the proverbial gleam in my parents eyes yet, but conservatives did suspend their support of Nixon for being too liberal. Nixon famoulsy said, "we're all Keynesians now" and William F. Buckely politley said good luck with that.

I can see a repeat of this should McCain win the nomination and prevail in November.

How could this happen? Let's go down the list.

McCain-Feingold's assault on free speech

McCain's amnesty bill

McCain's support for economy crushing global warming policies. No wonder the man dissembles when he's asked about the economy.

McCain is not entirely with us on judges or taxes either.

Conservatives must seriously ask themselves if they want to battle a Republican president on these issues, especially if the Democrats control congress.


streiff said...

I think the real issue here is that we are not going to have a conservative candidate in 2008. We are either going to have a center-(depending on his last epiphany) candidate, Romney, or a center-right candidate, McCain.

There is no evidence that Romney will be any more friendly to conservatives than McCain, to the contrary there is a lot of evidence that he will be much less so, and Romney has shown no ability -- in polls -- to attract either independent voters or Huckabee voters.

I trust McCain, based on his history, to be right on the Long War, on spending, on life. Romney not so much.

Greg Kline said...

Well said, Mark. Hope over despair. Hope over despair.

D. C. Russell said...

McCain is dangerous!

He has amply demonstrated that he will not allow the Constitution and Bill of Rights to stand in his way when he is determined to stomp on the rights of the people or of state or local governments. He has repeatedly and falsely sworn an oath to protect the Constitution from its enemies even though he is himself one of those enemies.

I do not trust McCain to preserve our current form of government and civil liberties. The fact that he might have been some kind of war hero and acts like a Republican once in a while on a few issues does not make him any less a potential danger.

Romney, Paul, and Obama are all safer choices if we want to preserve what is (or should be) most important to all of us. I see Clinton as a toss-up. I'd rather have a Democratic President than a faux "Republican" autocrat.