Sunday, January 27, 2008

Kent/Queen Anne's District One forum

If you want to know my take on the event, go here. I'm not going to crosspost a 3300 word wrapup. A lot of reading, but I feel it's informative and well worth it.


Anonymous said...

A good recap of the events from the forum. While we know you've always been a Harris supporter, your discription of Pipkin as "angry" was inaccurate.

Pipkin is and always will be a fighter.

Harris has been dishonest with his attack ads on Pipkin. Today Pipkin held him accountable.

Pipkin made a believer of me. I'll take Pipkin's energy and passion any day!

Michael Swartz said...

Having never met Senator Pipkin before yesterday, first impressions mean a lot. Perhaps it was a passionate debate on his part, but the way I read him was he handled the situation in a very non-diplomatic manner. Making a show of tearing up the Harris mailer was fine the first time for effect, a second was over the top.

bud said...

Whether many of them will admit it or not, I bet most of the crowd came in knowing who'll they vote for. These events tend to attract the hardcores anyway. This debate will do absolutely nothing to swing the outcome of this race. Harris came into the day polling third in multiple polls. I predict he'll remain in 3rd after the fact.

Anonymous said...

Bud, you're citing polls that say "if EJ Pipkin said this and Andy Harris did this and Wayne did this, would you vote for EJ?"

They're useless. Why else do you think EJ has gone so negative so fast ? He's even attacking fellow state senators in his bid to get back at Andy. He's toast.

Wayne's still the man to beat--like it or not--and it's a Wayne v Andy race now.

EJ is a smart guy, but he's also arrogant and he can't keep his cool. Do you want a guy going after fellow Congressmen because they don't support him at every corner?

bud said...

First of all, how do you know what polls I have access to? You blast EJ for going negative but you conveniently ignore that Harris has stayed the course in negativity. Even Harris supporters I know admit it's even bothering them. Imagine the effect it's having among the larger majority of the electorate.

To that end, it's not a Andy vs. Wayne fight. Wayne just about has this thing locked up. Andy simply can't make up the ground. I predicted Wayne's victory from the onset. Now, he's got Republicans Who Care airing highly effective commercials against Pipkin and Harris.

Harris may have fared better had he not been the voice of negativity. His latest commercial which features him talking in a rationale voice should have been his first. Unfortunately for him, it's too little, too late.

bud said...
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bud said...

"Do you want a guy going after fellow Congressmen because they don't support him at every corner?"

Pot meet kettle. Everyone who differs with Holy Harris gets labeled a liberal. This includes those of us bloggers warning voters to stand clear

Anonymous said...

Bud, your candidate EJ Pipkin doesn't think he should just win but that he should drag down Rich Colburn and Nancy Jacobs in the process.

Did Andy Harris go after David Brinkley?

Because the ONLY polls with those numbers come from EJ's camp. Wayne's numbers don't say that. Andy's numbers don't say that.

I am not, note not, involved in the campaign, but I do think if your basis for disliking Andy is negative ads then you're in a pot full of hot water because EJ will recklessly tear down anyone in his path.

Anonymous said...

Accurate description of the debate. Some clarification here - Pipkin's ads regarding Colburn and Jacobs -- Harris is attacking and villifying Pipkin for voting yes on the April 2007 state budget (yes, an O'Malley budget). Colburn, Jacobs and several Rep senators voted for the same budget -- Colburn and Jacobs are endorsing Harris. Should Harris not be critical of ANY Rep who voted for the state budget in April 2007?

Perhaps the most aggregious thing in the debate was Harris' answer to the healthcare question. He ABSOLUTELY hijacked Pipkin's healthcare plan that is over 4 years in the making -- shame on him!! Harris claims to be a Christian??? He does not seem to have a problem lying or misrepresenting others' records.

Lastly, Ehrlich is endorsing Harris but does not seem to have a problem that Harris attacks Pipkin for supporting Bob's initiative to clean up the bay and save failing septic systems? Ehrlich does not seem to mind that Harris is attacking Pipkin for a Pipkin vote on the EHRLICH budget???? Mind numbing stuff here.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous following my anonymous: because Colburn and Jacobs ARE NOT running for Congress. Pipkin (you guys) know that. It was a spiteful attack.

Since when has someone had endorse everything the candidate they support says or does or vice versa? By that definition EJ and David Brinkley have some serious issues to deal with.

Pipkin will tear down anyone in his path and it is pretty disgusting.