Wednesday, January 30, 2008

It's Time, Pastor... It's Time...

Mike Huckabee, I really wanted to support you. Being a conservative Christian, I thought you resonated a message I longed to hear. Then I learned that your record in Arkansas left a bit to be desired, and with you not garnering the conservative vote, even with the withdrawal of Fred Thompson, I threw my support behind Mitt Romney, the only one left with a chance at the nomination, and the win in November, that still had conservative leanings.

With Rudy bowing out, and throwing his support behind John McCain, Mitt could sure use some help.
Mike, you got almost as much support as the NY Mayor, so don't you think it might be time... to bow out gracefully and give your support to Governor Romney? Prove you really are the conservative you claim to be, prove doubters like me wrong. Take one for the team, the conservative base you claim to court. Please don't stay in 'til the "ninth inning", but please get on the bench, and give Mitt a chance. Please! Thanks, Pastor Mike!

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The Waterman said...

As much as Huckabee ought to drop out and endorse Romney, there's almost no chance he would endorse him. His evangelical ties are too strong, I don't think he could bring himself to endorse a Mormon. If Huckabee drops out of the race the endorsement will be for Mitt, thus killing any hope a conservative can have in this election.

Chester Peake said...

You said "I don't think he could bring himself to endorse a Mormon"

That, my friend, is the problem.

Could he bring himself to endorse a Presbyterian, a Catholic, or a Jewish person? All differ from him theologically, some very much so, but a particular individual may be more in line with conservative Christian family values than any others in the race.

By staying in the race, Pastor Mike may be in fact "killing any hope a conservative can have in this election". Is it even possible he can win enough Super Tuesday electors to not only catch up, but to actually beat the top guys?

We'll see.

Thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

Huckabee may win 4-5 states on Super Tuesday. His path to the nomination is not completely closed. Plus, how is Romney really that much more conservative than McCain? I would caution everyone against adopting the talk radio spin (and I love talk radio) that says Romney's the conservative. Plus he can't win the general IMHO.

The Waterman said...

He's far more conservative than McCain, or at least he's making the effort to be. Remember:

-Romney was the first to sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, McCain still refuses to sign it
-Romney supports the Bush tax cuts, McCain has historically opposed them, plus has made noises he would support tax increases on items like the Death Tax
-McCain was responsible for the campaign finance bill disaster of McCain-Feingold

and that's just the first few items that came to mind.