Saturday, January 26, 2008

Further Proof of Why I Cannot Support McCain

From Andy McCarthy in The Corner:

I'm starting to think Sen. McCain should not be allowed to mention the other candidates' names within 30 days before a primary. I mean, he levels an allegation about Romney that's just flat not true, and if some organization wanted to run an add calling him on it, they would be in violation of his "reform" of campaign finance regulations. What a racket!

Straight talk for me but not for thee!


Anonymous said...

sounds like mccain is taking lessons from the andy harris campaign.

G. A. Harrison said...


I always look forward to your insightful and well researched posts. Unfortunately you are incorrect on this one. It is absolutely true that McCain's bill, as adopted would have prevented an "issue group" to weigh in. Fortunately, this was overturned in the courts. As case in point is the Club for Growth buy that is running now.

No one is more pissed over McCain-Feingold than I am. This is one of the three issues that I seriously part with McCain over. I still believe that his is by far the most trustworthy candidate.

I don't mind disagree with someone over an issue. I just can't handle being pandered to for my vote and then watching an official totally reverse himself once elected.

With all due respect to "Anon", while there is no question that Harris has run a negative campaign, at least it has not gotten gutter nasty like Pipkin's has of late.