Saturday, January 26, 2008

Don't Do Dumb Stuff

I just spoke with one of the campaigns in the First District, and there is an epidemic of sign-stealing and sign desecration happening on the Shore right now. And it appears that signs from all three major candidates are being impacted.

Everybody: knock it off. We lived through this kinda crap in Anne Arundel County back in 2006 and it didn't make anybody look good then, either. And given the tone that this race has taken on, it's like adding gas to a fire.

If you're doing it: stop. If you know who's doing it: turn them in.



bud said...


I remember the sign wars of 2006. I had them stolen and destroyed on my property. I suspect I know the campaign involved in some of the mess. Luckily, they didn't even survive the primary. Notice we saw less of it after the primary.

bud said...

Also, in the interest of having blog material, I went out on the eve of the 2006 election to watch the various campaigns go into their sign placement wars. One delegate had volunteers who were eye balling other signs. One person also reported to me that he caught volunteers from that camp in the act of destroying a sign. (Hint---the offending parties were connected to a delegate who allegedly solicits operatives from out of county to make it appear he has tremendous support.)

Anonymous said...

To sum up the latest rash of sign destroyers in a word: Arminio. I heard him threaten the Harris campaign, claiming that the Pipkin campaign had seen Harris supporters stealing Arminio signs. He said that he would start to destroy Harris signs in return. And I'm sure he would do the same to Pipkin and Gilchrest signs. He would see it as some sort of holy crusade I'm sure...fighting against the establishment or something. What a nutjob!