Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Donna Edwards and The Vast Leftwing Conspiracy

Donna Edwards is the progressive saint of the FSP folks. They are touting her new "stakeout" ad against Al Wynn. Watch it below. Edwards films Wynn departing the office of big nuclear power company and shows the other "big corporate special interests" that fund Wynn. However, note the Sierra Club and League of Conservation Voters endorsement logos at the end of the ad.

The Sierra Club and LCV are big players in the constellation of progressive advocacy groups National Review contributor Byron York documented in his book The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy. One of York's major arguments is that the left's commitment to campaign finance reform and law is purely notional. The left's largest financiers like George Soros, championed campaign finance reform because they saw it as a tool to hamper rich evil Republicans. York points out many many instances of campaign finance shenanigans on the left. The point being, that the left and their special interests are on the side of the angels and not subject to the rules.

PolitickerMD's coverage of Al Wynn's FEC complaint against Donna Edwards reveals that she might be another example of what York noted in his book.

In a letter to the FEC, Lori Sherwood, the congressman’s campaign manager, wrote, “Based on my examination of various records and documents I believe the Donna Edwards for Congress Committee has received substantial assistance by way of unreported, in-kind contributions from organizations who profess to have operated independently of the Edwards Campaign.”

In a lengthy complaint, Sherwood claimed that as executive director of the social justice organization the Arca Foundation, Edwards was “responsible for administering and overseeing grants that are awarded and distributed” by the group – grants that go to some of her campaign's biggest supporters.

“By way of example and not limitation, the Arca Foundation contributed $100,000.00 in grants to the League of Conservation Voters (LCV) from 2004-2006,” Sherwood said.

“That after having been intimately involved in the award of an Arca grant to the LCV, Donna Edwards was appointed to the Board of Directors of the League of Conservation Voters,” she continued. “After receipt of grant money from Ms. Edward's group and her appointment to the LCV Board, LCV endorsed Donna Edwards for Congress in 2006 and 2008.” Sherwood goes on to allege that the “LCV and its principals contributed over $15,000.00 to the Edwards campaign through its board members, employees, and the LCV PAC.”

The complaint also alleges other non kosher relationships with other progressive organizations like EMILY's List and Friends of the Earth.

EMILY's List Executive Director Ellen Moran denounced Wynn's complaint saying:

"EMILY's List is proud to stand with Donna Edwards, a champion for women and families and a leader we know will bring the kind of change the voters of Maryland's 4th District so desperately want. It is a sad indication of Rep. Wynn's desperation that he resorts to launching specious attacks against non-profit community groups, environmentalists and organizations representing workers and women's rights."

And so we come to the left's excuse for everything. Its okay to violate campaign finance laws because their special interests are the good special interests, Therefore, the rules don't apply to them and to point out that discrepancy is bad form. Special interests are special interests no matter where their money goes.

Nothing may come of the allegations and honestly I don't have a dog in this the Democratic primary. I lived in the 4th in Wynn's earlier terms and I can't say I was represented well by him back then.

However, Donna Edwards is a tool of special interests just as she paints Al Wynn to be. True, if she is elected you probably won't have to stake her out at a corporate lobbying firm. You will find her at the lobbying offices of the special interest groups: Sierra Club, NOW, SEIU, LCV, and ACORN.

I wonder what Edwards and the FSP folks think about ACORN, a group implicated in vote fraud and cited by the NLRB for illegally firing its employees who deigned to form a union.

But they are progressive special interests so they couldn't possibly be a bad influence on our politics.

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Anonymous said...

While Wynn and Edwards play dirty politics, Dr. Michael Babula's campaign is playing fairly and staying above this childish bickering. My vote goes to Dr. Babula. I just received my league of women voters questionnaire and Babula’s qualifications tower over these lawyers. I think a lot of the voters, sick of Wynn and Edwards’ inability to concentrate on core issues will switch to Dr. Babula.

TechLawyerinPG said...

Donna Edwards lives right here in the Oxon Hill area and I have seen her at several local community meetings regarding the Harbor and Bridge. The Al Wynn ads against her on the radio are very misleading. She did not oppose the National Harbor but what she did do was hold the developers accountable for the entire community and made them promise to develop more of the downtown Oxon Hill area including strip malls like Rivertowne and some of the deteriorating strip malls we are surrounded by that mainly house liquor stores and carryouts. She is the one who fought to make sure that the developer didnt just create a gated community haven for the rich at the Harbor and ignore the rest of the surrounding local neighborhoods. She fought to make Milt Peterson give grants that can be used by the local community organizations. I am once again voting for Donna Edwards and I know the truth behind the negative campaign ads Wynn is trying to use to say she was anti-National Harbor which is one of the best things that has happened to my community and she made sure it will be the best thing for ALL citizens.

D. Williams, Esq.
Resident of Oxon Hill