Friday, November 23, 2007

Wayne Gilchrest is a Loyal Republican

In seven years in the White House President Bush has only vetoed seven five bills:

  • House Vote 388 - HR 810: Embryonic Stem Cell Research - Veto Override, July 19, 2006
  • House Vote 276 - HR 1591: Fiscal 2007 Supplemental - Veto Override, May 02, 2007
  • House Vote 982 - HR 976: Children's Health Insurance - Veto Override, October 18, 2007
  • House Vote 1040 - HR 1495: Water Resources Development - Veto Override, November 06, 2007
  • House Vote 1122 - HR 3043: Fiscal 2008 Labor-HHS-Education Appropriations - Veto Override, November 15, 2007

Only one Republican has voted to override them all. Who is he? MD-1's own Wayne Gilchrest.


bud said...

No doubt, Gilchrest is too liberal for this district. That said, I think far too many are grasping onto the first major challenger that came along. US reps tend to hold their seats for a long time. We must be careful who we elect to take his place.

Anonymous said...

wayne gilchrest is a loyal american.

only an idiot savant would demand 100% compliance, i.e. toeing the line. examples of loyal republicans: bob baumann, larry craig, foley, vitter are (were) all loyal republicans.

andy harris says he's a loyal republican, too. he also slams homosexuals in campaign literature and then hires a high-priced political consultant from mass. who is married to a man and has adopted two kids with him.

i say again: what is your litmus test?

Bruce Godfrey said...

Point of order. I count five bills and suspect that you meant seven years and five bills; might that be right? Cheers.

streiff said...

You are correct as usual, Bruce.

Mike Netherland said...

The anonymous poster is partially correct and should have the courage of his convictions to state his name. I don't know how being a savant qualifies but certainly only a fool would back a party that has abandoned its principles

Unfortunately, Gilchrest seems to have abandoned both his party and his principles, possibly qualifying him as a political savant. However, in doing so he has also been untrue to his constituents, most of whom are conservative Republicans. As such he has long ago joined the ranks of RINOs such as Arlen Specter, Olympia Snowe, Lincoln Chaffee, though I suspect the later did not falsely advertise to his then Rhode Island supporters that he would go to Washington as a conservative Republican.

This is the litmus test. Gilchrest should come right and say to Primary voters: "Vote for me and I will make sure you will have no voice in Congress." If he wins, then I will be the first to congratulate him.

Anonymous said...

thank you, mike. there are more democrats than republicans in the first congressional district. the fastest growing segment of new voters are registering as independents. how many republicans identify themselves as being conservative? who knows. when you presented these facts in your comments you were either: a) lying, b) misinformed.

as for the rest of your post, you, like so many others, have become immersed in the lock-step, partisan, 8 second sound byte addicted, label obsessed, anti-intellectual, fear mongering world that has become the republican party.

i proudly registered as a republican while President Reagan was bringing an end to the cold war during negotiations with Gorbachev in reykjavik, iceland.

i am still a republican now. george bush only has one more year, thank god.

and republicans like you, mike, don't know shit from shinola* anyhow.

p.s. what would your therapist say about the fact that you assume i am a "he?"

*either a) or b) or a little of both

Mike Netherland said...

For someone who hasn't a clue why English speaking peoples use an uppercase letter to begin their sentences among other things, Mr. Anonymous seems to be out of his league in criticizing my choice of possessive pronoun.

As to being "label-obsessed" I count only two in my post (Fool and RINO), neither of which were directed at the commenter. By contrast, he hurls five or six in a single "sentence."

The truly tragic part of all this is that he probably is a registered Republican. He represents the kind of folk the MD GOP has attracted over the years. Vulgar opportunists. I beg him to leave the Party before the New York Times finds him and holds him up as a shining example of the modern Republican.

He capitalizes the G in Gorbachev but not the G in God...and he thinks I need a therapist?