Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Things in CD-3

So a Christopher Panasuk is a candidate for Congress in the 3rd Congressional District, as well as a candidate for Republican National Convention Delegate as well.

As recently as three-years ago, he was a delegate to the Libertarian National Convention, a Libertarian Party-elector for Michael Badnarik, and a muckity-muck in the Anne Arundel LP organization.

Now, generally Republicans and Libertarians are generally copasetic on a lot of issues, but I have to wonder if this sudden switcharoo has something to do with Ron Paul's quixotic campaign.

And furthermore, this actually brings into focus further issues regarding the Republican Party. While the state party apparatus fiddles with bylaws changes, and spends little on party development while paying 64% of its budget on rent and salaries, we are left with a situation in the 2nd and 3rd Congressional districts while having either no Republican candidate (2nd) or no credible Republican candidate (3rd). Why has the party done nothing to take steps to ensure that credible Republicans are on the ballot in these two districts?


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Anonymous said...

john flynn thinks, idiotically, that since he's ED of the state party, this will set him up for CD3. this just points to how clearly inept he is. CD3 is a tough district. gary applebaum was a great fit for this since the district was carved out for ben cardin with the large jewish population in the county and the city included in it. but it is winable with the right candidate, with the right experience, and the right background. flynn is a hack with really no idea of what it takes to run a congressional race but yet his hubris leads him to believe that he will run and win for that office. and this is the low caliber that's running the state party.