Wednesday, November 28, 2007

New Ads In MD-1

The Club for Growth dot Net has started running a new ad in MD-1 targeting nominal Republican Wayne Gilchrest (for the reading impaired please note that this is neither the Club for Growth nor the Club for Growth PAC).

At the same time a group calling itself "Republicans Who Care" (and from their address they seem to be able to fit into a rented mailbox) is running an ad attacking Andy Harris.


Steve said...

Actually, is the 527 for clubforgrowth. David Keating, the E.D. for Club for Growth is the treasurer of the dot net 527.

So it's mere symantics.

But ultimately who cares? The money is coming from the same places.

Steve said...

For those who care enough to know who paid for the ad, just take a look at this link.