Saturday, November 17, 2007

MILQUETOAST's definition of Milquetoast:

a very timid, unassertive, spineless person, esp. one who is easily dominated or intimidated. See picture to the left.

Early Friday evening Delegate King appeared on the Ron Smith show. He talked about how hardly any members of the General Assembly ever owned or operated a small business and therefore have no understanding as to how higher taxes negatively affect small business and create job loss.

I thought great, maybe Delegate King would hold firm and stay with the Republican leadership and vote against the slots amendment. NOPE. Instead, Mr. King became an enabler for the largest tax increase in Maryland history.

Delegate King showed all the backbone of a Severn River jellyfish.

About 11:15 p.m., O'Malley showed up at Metropolitan, an Annapolis bar, with his chief lobbyists, Joseph Bryce and Sean Malone. He began sidling up to legislators, mostly Montgomery County Democrats but also Del. James King, an Anne Arundel Republican, who broke party lines the next day to vote for the referendum. O'Malley had a Heineken in hand but appeared too intent on conversation to drink it.

For the worst apology in political history and proof that Delegate King has no idea how the legislative process works see here. We do need more small business owners in the General Assembly, however Delegate King is not one of them.

Delegate King is part owner of Rockfish Restaurant just across the bridge from Annapolis in Eastport. Since King just voted to take more money from our wallets, I suggest a boycott Rockfish so we don't put any more money in his.


Anonymous said...

King owns Kaufmanns Tavern in Gambrills also!

Anonymous said...

James, how will taxes go up more if slots aren't approved? Do you think Mike Miller would really allow that? C'mon, you're not that stupid. You just soldout to O'Malley, it's sad. Miller already commented that Busch "deceived" him in regards to a pre-session meeting where him, O'Malley and Busch agreed on the package. Miller's people obviously kept their end of the deal and what you saw was the worst you'd get (keeping in mind Miller's kept the Green Fund and Cigarette Tax down before you student of history you). So what you get in January different than now is MORE CUTS. Which I thought James King would be for. I thought wrong.

Ron MIner said...

People this is what is known as a RINO..Republican In Name Only....He voted with the Dumocrats, let him join their party..we certainly don't want spineless individuals representing us...It's clear he only ran as a Republican because a liberal can't get elected in his district. 2010 is coming Mr. King, I suggest you start looking for a new are going to need it...

RealGOP said...

James King voted against all taxes introduced during this session. Voted for slots, which mitigates tax increases, prevents future increases, like another penny on the sales tax, brings money to his county, AA through Laurel, preserves the racing industry, and is consistent with the nearly unanimous stand of the GOP under failed Guv Ehrlich.

Being a republican does not mean always voting against the dems, even when they have introduced a policy your party embraces.
King proved himself to have courage and common sense. He is not an obstructionist for the sake of a failed Guv but rather a policy maker who used his vote wisely. The ones who should be ashamed are all the GOP delegates who have taken cash for years from the horse industry and now FLIP-FLOPPED in a lame attempt to stop progress. Great vote Delegate King!

Anonymous said...

Realgop = Delegate James King, nice try with the double speak James, just make sure you remember what your lies are now, you'll need them in three years!

Greg Kline said...

my heart be still

I am with you all on the boycott.