Thursday, September 18, 2014

Red Maryland Radio: 9/18/2014

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Inside Baltimore Oriole Baseball Nirvana -- the Award for the Best Communication by a Manager to: Buck Showalter


--Richard E. Vatz

   The Orioles just won their Division championship for the first time since 1997.  

     Lord, you’ve got to love it and them...Markakis, Miller, Hardy, Jones, Britton, Hunter, Cruz, Pierce, Miller, Chen, Schoop, Flaherty, O’Day, Britton, Hunter, Tillman, Gonzalez, Norris, Gausman, Joseph, Hundley and I've left out some great ones, including the injured-absent Wieters and Machado, but those above are the ones whose year I treasure the most.

     But my expertise is persuasive communication, and I believe in the expression, “Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s.”

     Let me announce in print as I did orally on C-4’s WBAL talk show and discussed previously on last Saturday's "Jimmy Mathis Show," the 2014 Vatzian Award for Major League Baseball’s Press Conference Excellence (VAMLBPCE).

     A little background – very little indeed.  I have always noted rhetorical excellence in sports’ press conferences, especially after the worst such press conference in history, Jim Mora’s self-indulgent humiliating trashing of his Indianapolis Colts on November 25, 2001: “Playoffs?  You kidding me?  Playoffs?  I just hope we can win a game – another game.”

     On Jimmy Mathis’ show last Saturday, I said that I was just tremendously impressed by Buck Showalter’s interviewing excellence…his style is unique:

     Thus, the VAMLBPCE  goes to the Baltimore Orioles’ Buck Showalter.  Some of the evidence:

n  Buck is contemplative and material in his responses to questions; he actually thinks before responding.  Does any other manager or coach do that?

n  Buck never gets ahead of himself and is never overeager – pleased, but we have more to do

n  Great values – on the self-destructive Chris Davis, no personal attack, no vindictiveness, just a statement of principle: “This is self-inflicted…everybody’s got a no button and a yes button: everybody knows what the rules are.”

n  Buck always controls the agenda – in the middle of an interview, he’ll make off-topic but fascinating observations, apropos of no question: “Did you see how Flaherty made sure that he got that one out when he could have risked the game by going for a really difficult double-play?

     What great conservative values.

     For months I have been telling everyone who listens that Buck Showalter is the best interview baseball has to offer. 

     Interesting, responsive, bringing up fascinating, informed, parenthetical observations.

     Congratulations, Buck Showalter, on winning the 2014 Vatzian Award for Major League Baseball’s Press Conference Excellence.

     Your check is in the mail.


Professor Vatz is the author of The Only Authentic Book of Persuasion (Kendall Hunt 2013)

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Beware of Shiny Objects

While some on both sides of the aisle continue to pretend that this race isn't close, we need look no further than Anthony Brown's surrogates and what they are up to for confirmation that this race is neck and neck.

Yesterday the National Organization for Women, as it is wont to do, tried to hijack the debate here in the state of Maryland by demanding answers from Brown, Larry Hogan, and the Libertarian candidate Shawn Quinn on the following questions:

  • Whether the candidate would promise to appoint a state secretary of health and mental hygiene who would ensure speedy licensing and re-licensing of abortion providers.
  • Whether they would keep what NOW called "Maryland's current balanced regulations" of abortion clinics.
  • Whether they would appoint judges and an insurance commissioner who would uphold women's access to contraceptive coverage in health plans, as well as abortion rights.
  • Whether they would maintain current funding levels for programs providing reproductive health and contraceptive services.
  • Whether the candidates would oppose a "human life amendment" -- typically defining life as beginning at conception. NOW contends such a measure would outlaw some common methods of birth control and ban fertility treatments.
Now we know why NOW is doing this; Anthony Brown's surrogates are trying to make this issue about anything other than Anthony Brown's incompetence and record of failure as Lt. Governor, and instead are trying to make this a single-issue campaign against abortion. Mind you, Larry Hogan's general election campaign has nothing to do with abortion, has nothing to do with contraceptive coverage, has nothing to do with the regulation of abortion clinics or any other issue related to so-called "reproductive rights."

Their last point, on the human life amendment, isn't even a state level issue given that a state constitutional amendment confirming that life begins at conception would never pass federal muster until Roe v. Wade is overturned.

(We could also talk about how NOW's assumption that they speak for all women on issues of life is an insult to a pretty hefty percentage of women out there, but we'll save that for another time).

NOW has given the candidates until Wednesday to respond. And we already know that the Brown campaign has nice, pre-scripted answers to these questions while the Hogan campaign is (rightfully) not going to play along with the charade.

This entire survey is a shiny object that is designed to distract the media and distract undecided voters away from the real issues of the campaign, which are taxes, regulations, and government spending. But NOW and other Brown surrogates desperately want to talk about anything but, which is why you hear things about Brown complaining about the Hogan Campaign bus, or puff pieces on Larry Hogan's weight loss. If the focus remains on taxes, regulation, government spending and Anthony Brown's competence, Brown will lose. So instead, the professional left is going to dangle all sorts of shiny objects in front of the camera in the form of issues designed to make Larry Hogan talking about social issues. Today it's abortion, next week it will be guns, the week after that illegal immigration, and so on and so forth. That, and constant baseless attacks against Hogan are going to be what the Democrats try to make the next 49 days are going to be about

The Democrats will do anything at this point to not talk about Anthony Brown's shortcomings. Voters would be wise not to take the bait.

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Monday, September 15, 2014

12.4 Million to Md Law Enforcement Agencies from 1033 Program Since 1995

The department of defense has transferred more than 11,000 pieces of surplus weapons and equipment worth more than $12.4 million to Maryland law enforcement agencies since 1995.

The Law Enforcement Support Office, a branch of the Defense Logistics Agency, manages the transfer of military equipment to state and local law enforcement agencies through the 1033 Program.  The 1033 program began under the National Defense Authorization Act in fiscal years 1990-1991 to assist local law enforcement efforts against drugs and counter-terrorism.  The amount of equipment transferred from the U.S. Military to local law enforcement has increased from $1 million in 1995 to $450 million in 2013.

View database of transferred material here.

Through the 1033 program, Maryland law enforcement agencies have obtained items such as pistols and rifles and desks and gym equipment.  One agency in Garrett County obtained a grenade launcher.

The Defense Department has transferred 352 pistols, 2,068 rifles, and 216 shotguns to Maryland law enforcement agencies.

Prince George’s County, received the most tactical equipment in both units and value. The equipment includes weapons and armored vehicles.  The county obtained 673 rifles, 39 shotguns, 73 Glock .40 caliber pistols, 3 armored trucks and a combat assault tactical wheeled vehicle.  In all Prince George’s County obtained 1096 pieces of tactical equipment valued at $2.1 million. 

Anne Arundel County received nearly $1.1 million in equipment including six observation helicopters worth $553,740.  

Howard County received 789 pieces of tactical equipment worth $476,503, including more than 200 rifles and shotguns.  

Montgomery, Queen Anne’s and Wicomico counties all obtained mine resistant vehicles totaling $1.9 million. 

Much of the tactical equipment transferred to Maryland law enforcement is used by their SWAT units.  Since 2010, Maryland SWAT units have been deployed on more than 6,500 occasions.  The majority of those deployments served warrants on non-violent offenders.

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Conservative Refuge Radio 9-15-14

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Conservative Refuge Radio with a special afternoon drive time broadcast  on the Red Maryland Network.

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Saturday, September 13, 2014

From MarylandReporter: a slightly different take on the Rice affair

Rush to Judgment, Part Two: the Case of Ray Rice

Richard E. Vatz*

“There is always a well-known solution to every human problem — neat, plausible, and wrong.”  H.L. Mencken

      Everyone now agrees that the proper reaction of the National Football League (NFL) to the Ray Rice case was obvious.

     There is some disagreement as to what that proper reaction should have been, however, but I have had difficulty finding a pundit who is not sure what should have been done and when it should have been done.

      Most are appalled that Ray Rice was not cashiered immediately.

     The first punishment was a two-game suspension, pursuant to a league investigation and a viewing of the video which showed Rice superintending Janay Palmer after he had apparently knocked her out.

    The second punishment was termination of his contract and an indefinite suspension.

     So many pundits; so much self-described anger.  Everyone I heard and read through yesterday morning was outraged that the NFL didn’t acquire all of the evidence, didn’t act sooner and wasn’t more resolute.

     Two days ago, none thought that there might be more evidence to be considered that might make the latest rush to judgment questionable as well.

     Let’s look at mitigating circumstances as well as what we’ve learned in the last 24 hours just to entertain the thought that the crucifying of Ray Rice should be somewhat reasonably attenuated.

1.     Ray Rice has no known history of such abusive behavior; many assume he must have done this before.  Perhaps; perhaps not – it cannot validly be so assumed.
2.     Ray Rice has repeatedly apologized, sometimes clumsily, but for those always clamoring about the importance of contrition, it has been manifest.
3.     The Associated Press reports that Ms. Palmer spit at Ray immediately prior to his pummeling her.  Is this exculpatory?  No, but it is not irrelevant in arguing that his punch was not premeditated.
4.     The victim claims that all of the public castigation of Rice and destruction of his reputation an career are destroying Ray and her.  Remember, she married Ray subsequent to the violence.  Are we uninterested in the effects of punishment on the person harmed?
5.     Is there no concern regarding double jeopardy?  The fact that punishment was meted out with a contractual implication that those consequences would not be added to was a reasonable inference by Rice.
6.     Is the NFL going to apply similar punishments retroactively and going forward?  Are they going to investigate all violence off the field?  The Ray Rice decision requires consistency in application, certainly,  of loss of employment.  How will the NFL achieve equity here?

     There are more possibly mitigating considerations, but while seeing this as an appalling case of assault and battery, let’s not let our latest anger cause a repeat of another rush to judgment.  On the other hand, it may be to late to stem the second round.

*Professor Vatz teaches Persuasion at Towson University and is the author of The Only Authentic Book of Persuasion  (Kendall Hunt, 2013)

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